The Story

I’m a normal girl who is partial to a bit of cake, but I took a good look at myself on my 29th birthday and had to admit that I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I promptly put on my trainers and spent the night of my birthday going for what shall hereby be named The Saddest Little Run Ever.

On this sad, flailing journey along the Thames, I decided to stop blaming the looming shadow of thirty for these feelings I was having about my body, and to get fit…. partially due to the fact that I can’t afford to buy any new clothes, and so it is kind of imperative that I fit into my old ones, but also because I wanted to reach 30 and have a body I felt comfortable being “me” in.

“And what sort of body is that?” I hear you ask. THE BODY OF A HOT FREAKING BITCH, that’s what! Ok, ok, slightly dramatic, but my friend Rachel coined the phrase Project Hot Bitch, and these three magic words did a great job of keeping me motivated. If anything, the phrase made me laugh as I slogged away feeling anything but a Hot Bitch. Now, it’s something I whisper to myself with gritted teeth before I take a class… it’s something I feel on the inside.

The best part? I’m still just little old me- a normal girl who likes cake (and cheese. And cheesecake) and who collapses half way through a press-up. The only difference is I feel a really flippin’ happy in my skin nowadays.

I reached my initial physical goals a while back now, and Project HB has become more of a way of life. I haven’t lost a single kilogram, but I have changed shape, become a lot stronger and I’m feeling full of life and quietly confident in my own body. It’s been a holistic journey towards a healthier existence, and I am learning to love my body and all of the amazing things it can do.

I’m hoping to keep this journey up in two ways; Firstly, by¬†attending the hundreds of classes London has to offer. And secondly, by connecting with other women who identify with my story, and who want to join the empowering journey that is supporting each other as we embrace our inner Hot Bitches! This isn’t about starving ourselves or giving two sh*ts about what size we are. It’s about celebrating our bodies, learning to feel comfortable and confident in them, and wanting to¬†keep them healthy because we love them.

I want to make working out, grinning through the pain and wiping sweat from our eyes, something normal girls can enjoy achieving together.

More than anything, I hope you enjoy the read. Please do get in touch if you run a class or club in London that you’d like Project Hot Bitch to hear about- and we’ll pop down and review it. Likewise, if you want to attend a class with the support of an HB then get in touch, and let’s fill this town with happy Hotties!



twitter: @ProjectHotBitch

instagram: ProjectHotBitch

2 thoughts on “The Story

    • Hi Sher, thanks for your comment. I had a peek at your blog and we are definitely on a similar mission! I sincerely hope that, like you, I still look in my early 40s when I am approaching 60!! What a Hot B*tch indeed :D

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