REVIEW: iHumanFitness yoga with Minna

THE BASICS: iHumanFitness is a white, bright, one roomed studio that’s big enough for about 8 people max. It’s close to St.Johns Wood and Maida Vale stations.

It’s full of delights- TRX handles hanging from the ceiling, spin bikes, kettlebells and what looks like a glass writing wall- this little studio packs a lot on! I took the 8pm Monday night dynamic yoga class with new teacher Minna. (£16, book online)


THE CLASS: I arrived about 20 mins early and a class was going on in the studio, so as I entered the main door- I was right in the middle of the workout! TIP- don’t turn up too early! I crept round the back of the sweaty, panting guys in the middle of their workout, and made myself comfy in the dinky changing area until my they finished.

This was going to be a really special class, because the teacher Minna is a friend of mine. We met at an OM yoga show conference almost 2 years ago, and sat next to each other all day. We discussed our goals and wishes during a Lululemon Goal Setting session; one of mine was to run a successful blog and events, and one of hers was to get brave enough to do her yoga teacher training.

Fastforward- I’m still writing, and Minna got brave and took her teacher yoga training. Success!  Now she was newly qualified, I was so excited to attend one of her very first lessons!

Two of us had the luxury of Minna’s attention for the whole class- she popped on some music and because it was a little class, she was able to ask us what we wanted to focus on.

Initially, we were up for some dynamic movement, but a little way into the class, we tried some more deep stretching after she’d seen our problem areas (these tended to be hip flexors and thigh muscles, as me the other girl- Jen, are both runners!)

We flowed through a lot of salutations, and my chatarangas (floating from plank to up-dog to down-dog) were weak and feeble after so long off the yoga mat. It was great to be in a small class and have attention from Minna around our positioning and breathing though.

On the breathing note, it was also quite liberating being in a small class like this- usually, I don’t want to bring any attention to myself or put a foot out of line. This time, all three of us were breathing strongly, loudly, and freely. It felt lovely to take in all of this loud, unashamed breath as we moved through the poses!

I think I probably chatted, grunted and groaned too much but I think I did a fair bit of giggling at my lack of balance too. It was so nice being taught by a friend though- I think that’s what made me a bit giddy and giggly!

Minna was a gentle, relaxed teacher despite my chatter and giggles. Aside from the fact I know she’s a lovely person already, if I hadn’t have known this was one of her first classes, I would have been impressed at her calmness, openness and encouragement.

She was honest in her guidance “if you can do this then great, I can’t!” and her light-heartedness around teaching the lesson made the whole atmosphere feel light, sparkly and energised. Not a single left/right slip up, either- a pretty impressive feat for a new teacher I suspect!

We ended with some long, deep shoulder and hip flexor stretches (lasting several minutes each) and a savasana (the relaxing bit at the end) where Minna came and realigned our positions to make sure we were fully relaxed.

THE VERDICT: Yes she’s a friend, but I was thoroughly impressed with this class. Recommended if you’re in the area- and if you’re not (like me), then I’d still try and get to her class at least every so often, to experience how happy yoga can make you!

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