THE BASICS: Flex TV offers social home fitness in the form of a subscription service to an online portal that runs live classes throughout the day, and you attend them via your computer screen.

Classes range from short HIIT sessions to yoga and dance, all available for you to do in your own home (or wherever you choose to sweat). It’s nice to know there are other people sweating in their living rooms, watching along with ya during class, too!

THE HB: Carly

THE CLASS: I tried a few classes on Flex TV during my trial, but my best/funniest/most mortifying experience was definitely when I tried Vera Flow. Maybe a more professional blogger would decide to tell you all about that time they successfully smashed a HIIT class in their living room. Thankfully I know you gals pretty well by now, and reckon you’d rather hear about about that time I got caught in my pants by the builders.

First though – an overview of Flex TV itself. Positives were that it was really good having Flex TV available in January, because it’s been frikkin’ freezing outside and dragging myself to class was NOT happening, despite my initial drive to get back into it after an indulgent Christmas. I liked being able to roll out of bed and pad over to the dining room table for a class. It helped me save time and gave me no excuses when I wasn’t feeling it, especially as a lot of classes were quite short.

The only thing I found tricky was my own problem really, which is inherent laziness, ha! I already know that without a class of people actually physically there around me to stay accountable to, I slack off BIG time, and end up texting instead of actually doing the workout. But I was determined to do this. So, I scheduled a few classes that I wouldn’t usually try, like Vera Flow, to keep my interest up and avoid just instagramming my way through the workout.

My good friend Lara teaches Vera Flow, and from what I’ve heard it’s fun and incorporates some dance and some flow… I signed up for an early morning class. I woke up, had a yawn, had a scratch, rolled out of bed cartoon-style in my pants and my sports bra (that was once light peach and is now washed out grey, mmmmmm), put on the kettle and switched on the computer. The host Naomi was there, bouncy and happy, and ready to teach me.

Three things you should know… although let’s be honest, I think you already know how this story goes.

1. We live on the ground floor, and have massive windows.

2. I like to have the blinds open. Natural light innit?

3. I have no coordination. Like, none. Clumsy ain’t got nuttin’ on me.

So, here I am warming up. Think hair like stig of the dump, grey underwear, bleary eyes, general flumping about. And suddenly I see them. There they are in the carpark opposite the flat, in their van, eating what to my well-trained eye looks like a steak bake from Greggs, and staring in disbelief at the sight before them. I hadn’t spotted them initially because of the glare on their windscreen. I think they probably spotted me when I did my first flump.


I met their look of amused horror and realised that I should just own it. “I AM A DELICATE FLOWER!!!” I told myself, enjoying dancing about with my sticky-out hair and in my grey grundies. “I AM FREE TO BE ME!”

They watched for a few more seconds, kind of half mesmorised, half confused, and the rush of embarrassment that I probably should have had, 60 seconds earlier finally hit, at which point I dutifully ran over and close the blinds.

I carried on with my class. It’s too late I know, the vision of my dancing was probably with them all day. But I admit I got over it quite quickly. It’s kind of poetic that I’m watching a window into a studio, and they’re watching a window into a fitness class for this Stig.

Oh yeah, the class! It was difficult and I did laugh when the teacher ran over to get her inhaler because I’d had to rely on mine too. It was so nice to see a real person doing a real thing like working so hard she almost had an asthma attack, as she taught. It made it feel far less like I was just watching a remote person on a screen, and like I was having a private class! In conclusion, I’m not too sure I’m cut out for a dancing career on the stage, but I really liked the freedom of Flex TV and the variety of classes it offered.

THE VERDICT: Tricky if you need others around you to stay motivated, but a fantastic option if you need to be able to fit workouts in around your day. And an absolute luxury to roll out of bed and workout in your pants. Just make sure you check who’s enjoying a Greggs slice outside your window.

THE EXTRAS: I tried Vera Flow again later during my trial (wearing more clothes – I learned my lesson!) and thought you might like to see my flumping for yourself! Please note this is after I’ve had some practice and I am STILL this bad!

(I ALSO thought you might enjoy the rather unusual muriel we have in our rented living/dining room. Hmm. She is over 6ft high and omnipresent, but you do get used to her eventually).

Note: I was kindly gifted a month’s subscription to Flex TV in return for a trial and review, but all views are my own.

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    • Hi Naomi! It was so much fun, I was terrible but I just didn’t care – was laughing too much at myself! And yay for inhalers getting us through workouts, hey?! xx

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