What is it?

A nifty little concept and one that might be familiar to some of you already – instead of buying a membership to one gym or studio, you pay for a membership to MoveGB instead, which gives you discounted access to loads of studios and gyms in your area.

It’s still very much a nimble little start-up, being run out of the city of Bath. MoveGB is pretty big over here in Bristol right now. When I arrived here I’d never heard of it, and within a couple of months, adverts on the sides of buses have started driving past me on a daily basis. It’s becoming pretty hard to miss and it’s also expanding around the UK (including in London) big time.

How does it work?

I was given the chance to try out a MoveGB membership in January, and having really missed being on the pulse of what’s happening class wise around the city, I jumped at the chance. It’s a brilliant portal – you can access it on your computer or the app, and there’s all sorts to choose from – bootcamps, yoga, boxing, HIIT, kettlebells, boxing, martial arts and day passes to local spas, pools and gyms (including some of the chains) too.

Memberships vary in price – you get access to more if you pay more per week, although many classes (say, a massage therapy) might be a kind of “add on”, meaning you pay a little on top of your membership if you want to access them but they don’t fall into your inclusive “bracket”.

I loved the fact one portal showed you all of the classes, gyms, spas and therapies in an area. I also loved searching for classes by type as it really helped me learn what was going on in my new city!

Wait, that sounds familiar…

I naturally compared this product to a similar concept that won’t be named here (clue: it offers Passes to Classes…). It feels like a more stable platform with more realistic, pricing variables so you don’t feel like it’s too good to be true and at any moment you’re gonna get slapped in the chops with a 40% price-hike!

What I got up to

January was a bit of a crazy month and I didn’t use my MoveGB membership nearly as much as I wanted to, but I did try Kettlercise at Kettlercise Bristol, a gym day pass at Pure Gym, an outdoor bootcamp with Functional Fitness, a women’s only boxing bootcamp at Sweat Box Fitness and some yoga at Wild Wolf’s Yoga. So um, now I’ve written that all down, I actually managed to do quite a bit on reflection!

The verdict

I’d usually end a review with a quick conclusion as to whether I give the product a thumbs up or down.

Well, here’s the confession – having learned more about MoveGB during my month’s trial, I fell in love with the place and the concept BIG TIME. So much so, I took a punt, applied for a role they were advertising and (rather amusingly) I now work in the MoveGB Bath HQ!

During the trial I was lucky enough to get a glimpse into the people who worked there, and the ethos of the company… and I liked it a lot. I now I get to see “behind the scenes” I can honestly say it is a phenomenal brand with a big, heart and an exciting future.

And so, if the fact I opted to spend 5 days a week talking about MoveGB for the foreseeable future is a good indicator… I guess you could say I enjoyed my trial enough to recommend MoveGB!


The, like, serious bit:

*I was kindly gifted a MoveGB trial pass from a PR agency in return for this review. I also wrote this review before I started working for MoveGB. Obviously my views are favourable or else I wouldn’t have flippin’ well applied to work there, but the above views are all my own and I wasn’t asked to write them. Hell, I wasn’t even ask to write this disclaimer!*

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