THE BASICS: Spinbar is a new spin studio on Bristol Harbourside (down next to Spoke and Stringer). It’s combined with cafe space serving brunches, healthy lunches and with a fully licensed bar attached. First class free and £10 drop in after that (written in October 2017).

THE HBs: Carly & Gaby

THE CLASS: I’ve been on the hunt for my go-to spin venue since arriving in Bristol and newly opened Spinbar offers lots of promising features which I will keep me visiting!

With a booking system which took some getting to grips with on the app (but is in development so improving rapidly) and the first class free, Gaby (aka Bristol Fitness Mum) and I headed down for an 45 minute “Apres Work” session.

Spin is a certified type of indoor cycling so I had some idea of what to expect – your ride kind of mimics a cycle across varied terrain outside. Think more 6 minute climbs and sprint interval tracks, rather than dance moves on a bike. The instructor Gavin was friendly, his music poppy and easy on the ear, and our ride matched the beat. We worked up plenty of sweat and when the fans went on and doused us in cool air, I admit I was pretty grateful!The studio itself – this venue has been a retail space and a restaurant in quick succession, so now it’s a spin studio the big, ground floor windows which open out onto the harbourside make it very public. The doors onto the studio open fully which meant the early evening, autumn air could come flooding in – it felt good while we were on the bikes and I’m pretty certain our music was encouraging those meandering past to have a peek in.

Big mirrors across the front of the studio mean you can watch your face contort and turn a dashing shade of pink as the resistance on your bike increases. A thoroughly decent Sonos sound system reached the welcome volume I’ve found plenty of spin studios in Bristol too nervous to rise to.  I was incredibly grateful for that after some deathly quiet rides over the past 15 months! I liked the feeling of light and space, not something I’d really appreciated before having been conditioned to indoor cycling classes in pitch black throbbing basements! The evening light and natural setting of the water matched the style of ride wonderfully, and I was able to close my eyes and lose myself to the music when the climbs became relentless!

I felt invigorated, sweaty and happy after this class – as word spreads and the studio gets busier I predict the energy will really rise in this place. The venue and location will make for some glorious group rides as the seasons change across the harbourside. I also love the fact you can literally fall off your bike and into the bar… post-sweat prosecco, anyone?!

THE VERDICT: This has got real potential – check it out! I’m already imagining packed out rides towards Christmas with the cocktails lined up behind us ;)

(Photos by Gaby using her new iPhone 8 which we were both too terrified to touch! Thank you for sharing the pics, Gaby!)

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