I am very proud to be an official ambassador for fitness clothing brands Bella Kinesis and Yogangster. I’m delighted to represent everything that these cool, brilliant and ethical brands stand for.

I’m ESPECIALLY glad because at primary school, I was the little shy, overweight kid with an inhaler who would cry when I had to do P.E.

And now… well now, fitness clothing brands want me to be an ambassador for them! So… if you were (or currently are) one of those kids, let these ambassadorships be our celebration, my friend. A celebration and a massive two fingers up to every P.E. teacher and mean little school kid who made us feel bad about ourselves, when what we really needed was patience and encouragement.

Anyway, here are the brands. Yogangster and Bella Kinesis. Thank you to both of you, I truly love representing you!


Yogangster was co-founded by internationally renowned DJ Goldie and Hot Yoga instructor Kelly Isaac after they met at a London Bikram studio and bonded over their love of yoga. The Yogangster collection encompasses yoga wear, loungewear & accessories to take you from the street to the studio. I was also pretty chuffed to recently lend my name to a piece in the 2016 collection: The Carly Bra!

Yogangsters approach their practice with the fierce determination that they do every part of life, openly, determined to succeed, rarely playing by the rules, always willing to try, never willing to give up.


Bella Kinesis

British made social enterprise and women’s fitness clothing brand, Bella Kinesis, makes a donation to the Mann Deshi Foundation, for every item sold. This donation funds a business education for a woman in rural India.

Bella Kinesis was founded by Roshni Assomull and Shaleena Chanrai. Both of them created the company to bring positivity to the world of fitness; a world that they’d grown up having a difficult relationship with, just like me.

If you’re reading this, you can get 15% off of all Bella Kinesis clothing, by using promo code CARLY15 when shopping on their site

As the girls say on their site: “Exercise not only makes women physically stronger, but also leaves them feeling more confident and empowered. We can give this same feeling to other women by helping them start their own businesses. As one woman shares her force with another, she creates a chain reaction. We call it ‘strength for strength“.

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