Hey you! Yes you, the one drowning in a sea of admin over there!

If you’re in the world of wellness, chances are you do what you do, because you love it. All of your energy and passion probably goes into creating and running sessions for your clients. This can make all of the other stuff – branding, marketing, admin and finances, feel really daunting… or maybe just a bit boring.

Perhaps you’re struggling to run all the moving parts of your fitness business? Timetabling, accounts, all that stuff. You might be neglecting marketing because you don’t know where to start? Or feeling frustrated by all of the admin getting in the way of creating and delivering sessions to your clients?

I can help!

If it’s time to get on top of all this stuff, then I’m here as someone who’s been there already, and helped other people like you! Together we can get a handle on everything, so you can run your business in a way that authentically reflects you.

I’m a wellness business consultant with a difference.

Business consultant sounds so… formal… but that’s the best way to describe what I do! Basically I’m here to strip all of that stuff back so you can get on with what you love. My style is unique because I’ll be more of a PA, kick-ass project manager and confidence coach all rolled into one.

I’ll help you do spreadsheets and plans, but make you tea and give you a pep talk so you feel empowered to run your business how you want to. Running a business can be overwhelming. I’m here to remind you that YOU GOT THIS. 

I’m as hands on as you need me to be at the start – then I’ll skill you up with all the tools you need to take off. Before you know it, you’ll be flying without me.  Once we’re done, I’ll always be around for a refresher or check-in if you need me, too.

How do I do this, then? 

I’ve got five years of experience working on the London, Bristol and Bath fitness scenes, creating events and building brands. I’ve launched and grown my own profitable fitness business. I’ve worked at a fitness aggregator for over two years, where I’ve account managed hundreds of small to medium sized fitness businesses, and learned how to recognise, strategise, advertise and monetise around trends in the wellness industry.

I’ve also got a sh*t hot PRINCE2 project management qualification which means together we’ll break down your mammoth list of tasks so you can tackle it with confidence and efficiency. I’m just gonna toot my own horn here and say the things I can do to help you are pretty ace.

In a former life, I’ve been a PA in a law firm and a press officer in Whitehall, which means I’m super organised. I’ve also been a bouncer in a nightclub which means I don’t muck about. I will help you identify what you need, organise it with you, and we’ll get it done.

I’m really good at listening to what you need to make your life easier, and translating that into an action plan, too. You’ll start to get some free time back almost as soon as you’ve got me on board, and that’s when you can start to see the bigger picture and concentrate on the activities you actually love!

My consultancy experience is bangin’

I’ve helped Bristol and London gym managers, studio and function centre owners, independent instructors and wellness professionals sort their businesses out in loads of ways. Former clients include Outrivals Gym, Wild Wolf’s Yoga, Clifton Group FitnessBrave Move, The Radnor Rooms and Meraki Fitness.

Whether you need me for three hours or three months – let’s have an initial chat about your current situation and where you want to get to (a consultation is free). We’ll write a plan which addresses your needs and works for your budget, and get cracking!

My testimonials speak for themselves!

“[Carly is] an incredible force of talent”

“Carly has helped shape [my business] with so much care, skill and passion”

“I couldn’t recommend Carly enough.”

“As a newly qualified instructor, Carly sat me down and assured me that the obstacles I was putting between me and my teaching goals were normal and natural. She gave me the confidence and mindset to put myself out there. I will always be grateful for her help and guidance.”

My prices are reasonable

An initial consultation is free.

My rate is £40 an hour.

You dictate the hours and we review how much you need me, on a regular basis.

Let’s chat.

Fill out the form below and I will be in contact shortly.

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