What benefits do you offer your employees? Do they include ways for your workforce to keep fit, so they feel healthier, happier and more motivated during their working day?

Investing in the health of your employees will see them form more positive working relationships, take less time off sick, and work more efficiently. It’s also becoming increasingly important that employers place a value on the mental health of their staff, of which physical movement is a hugely important aspect.

And we haven’t even mentioned 2020 yet! The year which changed how the workforce looks in so many ways – online classes have provided a lifeline for many businesses as a way to motivate, connect and engage with their teams, especially when everyone’s working from home.

Want happy staff? Project Happy Body is here to help you achieve that!


Providing ways for your employees to access regular exercise can:

✔ Boost the mood and morale of individuals in your team
✔ Aid a positive mental health cycle
✔ Lead to fewer staff days taken off sick due to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression
✔ Boost endorphins making for happier, more resilient staff
✔ Bring confidence to your workforce, building positive team relationships
✔ Connect the workforce when the team is working from home

I’d absolutely love to be the trainer who helps you fulfil your employee responsibilities in this area!

I can bring accessible, friendly and non-intimidating fitness to your workplace, via zoom, in a range of styles; HIIT (high intensity interval training), body conditioning, stretching and aerobics!

My style is welcoming and energetic. I’m particularly good at adapting to a group where there are likely to be lots of different needs and capabilities. I’m also great at helping people who are new to exercise or low in confidence, feel more empowered and confident in their bodies through a holistic approach to teaching.

I left a corporate London life to become a trainer in 2016. I’ve worked in law, property and government sectors previously, and have been on the receiving end of great exercise programmes provided by employers. I’ve experienced first hand how powerful it can be when an employer positively looks after the health of their employees.

I can run regular group training sessions over zoom,
or one-off events to get your team moving and interacting!

I’m fully qualified and insured (public liability and professional indemnity). I have my own professional home zoom studio and a broadcasting license to host up to 100 people in a class.

I’ve helped companies of all sizes get moving! If you’d like to discuss your idea, complete my contact form at the end of this page. Whether you’re looking for someone to teach your team every week, or for a one-off, fun team building event, I look forward to speaking with you!

Corporate group fitness and training in Bristol. Motivate your employees and look after their wellbeing!
Corporate group fitness and training in Bristol. Motivate your employees and look after their wellbeing!
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