Hi! So you wanna be an HB?! Excellent news! Soon you’ll be able to subscribe to our members area which will give you access to planners, workouts, motivational videos and guided visualisations, nutrition cheatsheets, and a diary to track how you’re doing on your journey towards happy, sassy health and fitness! Fill in the form below if you want to know when this is available.

For now, filling out the form below means you’ll receive our regular newsletter, offering fitness news and any discounts we can blag you! We like to bring you the best of what out there in the world of accessible health and fitness for normal women, and deliver it to your inboxes.

Being a Project HB member means something on a deeper level, too. It’s you making a pledge to yourself; that you want to get excited about looking after your health and fitness, and not just because you are trying to fit into a dress. It’s accepting yourself for who you are, and loving your amazing, normal body. It’s knowing in your heart that keeping your body healthy and strong, makes your happy in your mind and in your life, too.

Joining Project HB is, quite simply, something every normal girl should do if they’re keen to looking after their body and MAKE IT FUN!

Can’t wait to welcome you to the club!

Carly x

Project Hot Bitch


email: projecthb@live.co.uk
twitter: @ProjectHotBitch
instagram: ProjectHotBitch

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