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Here’s Project HB’s Health & Fitness Planner-

and it’s free!


Download the Planner

Click HERE to download your copy. Print it out, stick it by your mirror, and get scribbling. We’d LOVE to know what you think and how this nifty little tool works for you!

Why bother with a planner?

Here’s the thing. Life’s for living. Spontaneity is what makes life feel… well, alive! We aren’t about to put a ban on that.

But… planning helps. Here at Project HB, we’ve got to where we are today by making tiny changes, and maintaining an ethos of balance and realism. We’ve created this planner to show you how we did it. We believe it’ll help you reach your holistic health and fitness goals, without making you a prisoner to a sheet of paper.

It’s important to make time to look after yourself, every day. Keeping fit and healthy is a huge part of that. We believe you need to set (bigger) weekly and (smaller) daily health and fitness goals for yourself, to keep true to this philosophy.

A fitter, healthier you, is a happier version of you. And when you’re happy, stressful stuff just kind of… works itself out.

What is it?

There is huge power in planning your health and fitness goals for the week, and making a daily intention to honour them. This planner helps you write these goals down.

When you write things down, magic happens. By looking at an intention you’ve just written, you create a little pact with yourself to succeed. Write it down and you become accountable.

How does it work?

The Project HB Health & Fitness Planner is made up of 2 charts. The first is to plan your weekly fitness/exercise goals (we suggest you plan these every Sunday). The second is to plan your daily health intentions (we suggest that you spend 2 minutes planning these every morning before the day starts).

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