A NEW indoor cycling (spin) class in Bristol, every Wednesday morning at Workout Bristol Harbourside with me, Carly aka Project HB!

Wednesdays, 7.15-8am, Workout Bristol Harbourside £7 and on MoveGB too (just search ‘project hb’)!


(Use code HB50 for 50% off your first class with me!)

Indoor cycling – you either love it, or you’ve been once, nearly vommed, and vowed never to go into the studio again.

It’s time to pick the category which best describes you, below!


Aw mate, then you’re gonna LOVE my new class. Energy, focus, empowerment, soaring tunes, enthusiasm, PLUS you get plunged into darkness at key emotive moments during your ride just for extra those tingly feels. This is the sort of indoor cycling that Bristol has been missing, trust me; I got so sick of not finding it anywhere, I decided to make it happen myself!

“I am never going to one of those horrendous classes again”

My friend, it’s time to give indoor cycling a second chance, this time under my motivational instruction! I’m super friendly and – to be honest – a bit of a goof. Absolutely no intimidation here! I’ll welcome you warmly and get you set up on the bike so it’s as comfy as possible. You’ll feel elated by the music, energised by the atmosphere and you can work as hard as you want – no shaming or comparison here, ok? Gimme a chance to revolutionise your experience of indoor cycling, yeah? You’ll feel all tingly with energy and proud of yourself by the end of it, promise. Come on, you must be a little curious?!

♥️Wednesday mornings – 7.15-8am, £7
♥️Workout Bristol Harbourside
♥️showers, hair dryers, close to the centre of town.
♥️Click HERE TO BOOK via my booking system or CLICK HERE TO BOOK via MoveGB!



“If you have never done or have been too intimidated – I beg you to do this class!”

“The best spin session I’ve ever done! (and I hate spin)”

“This woman not only teaches you how to love and respect your body… she also makes spin FUN. Yea I know… FUN!”

“Would recommend as a first timer!”


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