Hello there! I’m Carly and I love helping people realise that movement can feel MAGIC! After a life long hatred of sport and fitness, I stripped it all back in my early 30s and started moving with the sole intention of feeling joyful in – and accepting of – my body. Moving in this way lit a spark in me. It made me realise I really wanted to light this spark for others. And so, in 2016, I left my home city and my career, trained up as a fitness instructor, and here we are!

I never imagined I’d be teaching online but after the world went into lockdown, teaching in this way has allowed LOADS more of you to access my fun, not-too-serious, body-positive classes!

So I’m happy to confirm that online is here to stay (both through these live classes and over at my on-demand service, Project HB TV)! Grab your mat and tins of beans (!) and I’ll show you how wonderful it feels to join this brilliant little community.

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Still not sure what to expect in class? This might help…

Whatever class you join – expect to share empowerment, support, community and some humour in a safe, judgement-free online space! Work as hard as you want to. Keep your camera off if you’re a bit nervous. Join in every move, sway about, do something different to me, or stop for a rest as much as you need – ALL fitness levels, sizes, shapes, ages and abilities are SO welcome in my sessions! It’s just super important to me that you feel empowered to move in ways which feel good for YOUR body!

How do online classes work?
You’ll be sent a link to join the online zoom class, ONE HOUR before it starts, so CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL, because I won’t be able to help with any tech once class has started! You may need to click HERE to download ZOOM so you can easily join the class on your phone! But you should just be able to join using the link I send, via your preferred browser.

You can also workout with me on demand at home with Project HB TV! An affordable, fun, ever-expanding fitness library with a mixture of barre, aerobics, HIIT, weights and seated workouts which are wheelchair-friendly. CLICK HERE to learn more!


I’m a fully insured, level 2 qualified gym instructor
(Qualified with: TRAIN fitness, REPS, 2017, insured by EMD UK).
My additional qualifications also include:

  • ‘Indoor Cycling’ (TRAIN Fitness, CIMPSA, 2019)
  • ‘Understanding Eating Disorders for Fitness Professionals’ (Anorexia Bulimia Care, CIMPSA, 2019)
  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise & Wellness and Modern Post-Natal Exercise & Wellness (Burrell Education, CIMPSA, 2019)
  • Barre (Barre UK, CIMPSA, 2020)
  • Disability Awareness in Sport (Disability Sports Coach, 2020)

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