I am a pre-natal qualified instructor and run two pregnancy-safe classes a week online!
You can join me for barre online on Monday mornings at 8am, and a Sweat Stretch & Glow class on Saturdays at 9.30am. You can book over at www.projecthb.co.uk/classes.
Below, you can also purchase my “BumpFit: Pregnancy Fitness Course” – a holistic, fun, down-to-earth, on-demand video course, to enjoy doing in your own time during your pregnancy!

Once purchased, you have access for a full 10 months. The course is designed to take you through your pregnancy and into your early post-natal period. It includes aerobics, circuits, core strengthening and fitness, info about your changing body, stretching, relaxation and functional movement tips.

It’s available to view and purchase below!

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