Pregnant and been given the all-clear by your doctor to exercise? This is the class for you! You don’t just have to do yoga or swimming when expecting – you can do fitness classes, too!

Your body, blood pressure, flexibility, endurance and even the size of your heart (yup, really!) change quite quickly once you’re pregnant. BumpFit classes are designed to work with all of these body changes, respecting your pregnancy journey as you develop, and helping you to maintain your current fitness levels. You’ll get a nice sheen of feel-good sweat on in this class as you keep active for you and your baby, rather than be pushed to any extremes.

Expect light weights and equipment, bodyweight and low-impact HIIT movements, all adapted to be suitable for women at all stages of pregnancy (provided it’s approved by your medical professional that you’re good to go). You can work to the level you feel is right for you, while keeping strong and fit during pregnancy.

We’ll also include important core work into the class, to prepare you and your body for an empowered birthing experience (let’s get that baby out of ya!) and provide you with a good foundation for your body’s post-birth journey.

When: Tuesdays, 1.20-2pm

Where: Workout Bristol Harbourside, Floating Harbour,
Welshback, Bristol, BS1 4SB

How much: £7.50 per class, £60 for a 10 class pass

**If you’re a Workout Bristol Harbourside member – BumpFit is available included in your membership!**

It is SUPER important to please fill in this form at least 48 hours before attending your first session, or you won’t be accepted into class.

Also available on MoveGB – just search ‘project hb’.

I run some other classes which are suitable for pregnant women to join in with, too. Download my timetable here and get in touch if you want to know more about a specific class!

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