Hi there! Having gained my post-natal qualification via Jenny Burrell Education, I have specially designed this course to help new mamas (up to one year, post-birth) start the process of core restoration, and sustainably working their way back to a good level of fitness, post-birth.

This course runs over six weeks, offering a small, safe, group training session every week, plus homework. You’ll get an education about your body, and link it to practical, low-impact movements, stretching and breath work, all combined to future-proof your body and make you feel confident and re-connected to it.

You’ll receive individual attention (tailored around your body and the birth experience you had) in a group of like-minded women. This course won’t include anything high cardio or explosive.

You can bring your (non-mobile) babies to this class! But please note we have VERY limited space for buggies, so sling-travel or car-seats for any sleepers are requested where possible.

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Where: Sweaty Betty Studio, 59 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL

When: Fridays, 10.45-11.45am

How Much: £60 for a 6 week course*

Next Course Dates available to book now:
2019 – Friday 8th November – Friday 12th December (inclusive)
2020 – Friday 10th January – Friday 14th February 2020 (inclusive)

*Payment by instalments is available –
please email projecthb@live.co.uk for info

What to expect in this 6 week course

Over the six weeks, through a combination of movement and education, you’ll learn about how to breathe and move in order to re-connect with your core. You’ll also learn how to move in way which can protect you against injury and aches, as your baby grows. This will empower you through your journey of reconnection with you post-birth body, and energise you as an active mama, ready for this exciting new phase of your life.

You’ll also be checked for diastasis recti (tummy separation) and together we’ll discuss ways you can work to restore any pelvic floor or core weakness you may have had, during birth. It is a gentle class where we explore stretching out your body, and progressively working our way up safely to more intense types of fitness you might choose to do outside of these sessions.

These classes will offer a super-important first phase where your body heals and regains strength, and you regain confidence, before you throw yourself back into any post-birth fitness regime!

How to prepare for the course

You will need to book in and complete an initial, compulsory health assessment form (which you will be sent via email), prior to your first session on this course. We may need to chat further, depending on your responses. This will allow me to assess your post-birth needs, and ensure the course is right for you!

You must also provide evidence that your doctor or midwife has given you the all clear to exercise again, post-birth, before you start this course. You must have had your baby a minimum of 6 weeks prior to start course date (vaginal birth) or 12 weeks prior (c-section birth).

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