I’m a post-natal qualified fitness instructor and I offer online group sessions and in-person sessions in my garden studio in Hanham, Bristol. In person sessions are for a maximum of 2 people. Babies are welcome to your session.

I don’t subscribe to the “get your pre-baby body back” BS. Instead, we celebrate your version 2.0 body; what you’ve been through, and what you can do now you’ve shown you’re one hell of a badass who’s just birthed a whole baby.

Your first session will be a time for us to get your “return to fitness” plan together. We’ll discuss:

– Diastasis recti (tummy gap separation) & post-natal posture
– Your birthing experience and your post-natal body
– Safely returning to movement and fitness
– Recommendations for specialist treatment (if necessary)

Subsequent sessions will mix core work, functional movement, strength and cardio – depending on where you want/need to focus.

A group zoom session is £4 and an in-person session is £20 (in-person is either private or small group training, which is a maximum 2 people). You can book it over on my booking system (button below).

If you’re recently post-natal and you want to start attending my online classes, then do contact me and I’ll probably recommend we book an online “return to fitness” session to keep you moving safely.

Everyone who books in will need to complete this in-depth form before attending the session, so please take 15 minutes to do that before our one-to-one.

(please only fill the above form in if you’ve booked into a session)

* I am fully qualified and insured to work with post-natal women, achieving my “Modern Post-Natal Exercise and Wellness” qualification in July 2019 with Burrell Education (www.burrelleducation.com).*

Here are a couple of funny little snippets of my baby son joining us for class, too!
… just so you know what to possibly expect :D

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