Hi there! Having gained my post-natal qualification via Jenny Burrell Education, I have specially designed this post-natal class to help new mamas (up to one year, post-birth) start the process of core restoration, and sustainably, safely, working their way back to a good level of post-birth fitness and confidence in your body and what you can do.

Expect to share empowerment, support, community, acceptance, and a touch of chaos with likeminded women, as we have a giggle and get moving! (You can bring your baby too, thus the expected chaos!)

Each week we’ll build on the basics of breathing, core restoration and functional movement, to give you strong foundational fitness and renewed confidence in your brilliant bod! You’ll use a range of equipment to realign posture, rebuild muscle strength and practice the movements you’ll be making so much as a mama. You’ll get a chance for a deep stretch at the end of each class, too.

Oh, and we absolutely don’t subscribe to the usual “get your pre-baby body back” rhetoric in class. Nope. We’re here to celebrate you and the journey your body has been on!

(Non-mobile) babies are very welcome to this class, but please note we have VERY limited space for buggies, so sling-travel or car-seats for any sleepers are requested where possible.

Where: Sweaty Betty Studio, 59 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL

When: Fridays, 10.45-11.45am

How Much: £10 drop-in or £60 for a 10 class pass

TO BOOK: email projecthb@live.co.uk

Class preparation

You will need to book in and complete an initial, compulsory health assessment form (which you will be sent via email), prior to your first session on this course. We may need to chat further, depending on your responses. This will allow me to assess your post-birth needs, and ensure the course is right for you!

You must also provide evidence that your doctor or midwife has given you the all clear to exercise again, post-birth, before you start this course. You must have had your baby a minimum of 6 weeks prior to start course date (vaginal birth) or 12 weeks prior (c-section birth).

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