I’m Carly, a Bristol based, pre & post-natal trainer, and a mother of one. I’ve been surviving on chocolate and coffee for over a year now! Motherhood is RELENTLESS. Keeping fit is just another thing on the endless list of “WHEN DO I HAVE TIME TO DO THAT?!” And yep, that’s me saying that when fitness is my job! I get it, I really do.

I’m not here to preach. I’m here to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, and bring you into a community who feel like you do (which, in case anyone needed reminding, is F*CKING EXHAUSTED 😂)

I want to help you remember that you matter too. You’re allowed to do something for yourself! And that you’re probably a more resilient, engaged and happy mum when you carve out time to move your body, get a sweat on, connect with others, and remember you’re an autonomous human.

During sessions, we get strong for motherhood. We restore our core strength and pelvic floor. We share TMI, we moan about… well, everything. We laugh a lot (sometimes we even manage to laugh without weeing) and we do exercise in amongst the chaos.


How do you want to train with me? Scroll down and learn more…

OPTION 1: GROUP FITNESS CLASSES (in-person) run during term time. They are taught at 9.30am, Hanham Community Centre, Hanham High Street, Bristol, BS15 3EJ.

Classes last 45 minutes, are £8 a session, and term passes are available to help you budget. Each week we’ll do low impact cardio, core restoration and bodyweight based exercises, to strengthen and future proof your body.

The group is supportive, friendly and babies are welcome. This class is suitable for all stages of post-natal bodies. There is a free carpark, loos, baby change, and indoor space for pushchairs.

OPTION 2: 1:1 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS are 1 hour and are taught from my private garden studio in Hanham, Bristol (BS15). They specifically focus on fitness for your post-natal body. A single session is £30, with 5 or 10 session packs available to help you budget (and you receive further personalised support via my app when you purchase a session pack). 1:1 sessions incorporate core work, functional movement, strength and cardio – depending on where you want/need to focus.

You are of course welcome to bring your baby/babies!

OPTION 3: 1:1 “RETURN TO FITNESS” CONSULTATIONS are an in-depth, 90 minute private session to assess your movements, teach you some core restoration techniques, and help you develop a safe, personalised plan back to fitness.
These sessions cost £60.

When you’ve purchased your session, email me – projecthb@live.co.uk – and we’ll find a mutually suitable time for it. During your session, we’ll cover things like:

– Diastasis recti (tummy gap separation) & post-natal posture
– Assessing your starting point – gentle cardio & resistance training
– Core/pelvic floor restoration & strengthening
– Your birthing experience and your post-natal body
– Safely returning to movement and fitness
– Stretches to help relieve your tired achey bod
– Recommendations for specialist treatment (if necessary)

Prefer to workout at home, to your own schedule?

OPTION 4: I’ve also put together a small collection of on-demand fitness videos which are suitable for your post-natal body. Access is for 3 months and costs £15.

Pregnant and looking to stay active?

My BumpFit pregnancy course is for you! An online, on-demand course which covers all sorts of information, affirmations and fitness sessions tailored to your pregnant body. There’s barre, aerobics, resistance training, core strengthening, birth preparation and some post-natal rehab all included. Access lasts for 1 year and costs just £40.

* I am fully qualified and insured to work with pre and post-natal women, achieving my “Modern Post-Natal Exercise and Wellness” qualification in July 2019 with Burrell Education (www.burrelleducation.com).*

Here are a couple of funny little snippets of my baby son joining us for class, too!
… just so you know what to possibly expect. He’s a bit bigger and causes more chaos now, mind :D