🌟I am currently on maternity leave & will return to teaching in Spring 2022! Check out my affordable, fun on-demand workout vids in the meantime…🌟

Welcome to Project Happy Body fitness!
Feel-good group fitness in Bristol and online.

I’m Carly and I teach joyful, feel-good fitness for ALL BODIES in my unique, sassy and down to earth style!
When you workout with me you don’t just come to sweat… you come to celebrate yourself!

Things I don’t give a sh*t about: burning off calories, getting you lean, bulking you up, getting you “beach body ready” or shaming you for taking some time out.

I do this job for one reason… to help you feel HAPPY in your BODY! I believe that anyone in any body can enjoy exercise in the right environment with the right guidance. Prepare to fall in love with the joy of intuitively moving your glorious, capable, beautiful bod. Simple as that!

Join my classes if you want to nurture a happy, strong, healthy, loving relationship with your body. I’ll help you feel confident enough to wear what the hell you want, because you feel great inside. In class, we wiggle about in a like-minded community of people and then swagger off home with a big grin, barely able to believe we’ve just had that much fun doing exercise.

I’m here to encourage you to move because you want to LOVE yourself, not because you hate something about yourself. So, join me if you want to experience the joy of sweating with careless abandon! Movement with me will make you feel flippin’ fabulous!
Now you’ve read that… which of the below options suits what you’re thinking?!

Still not convinced? Press play – you won’t regret it!

I also founded…

DISCOaerobics is an immersive, feel-good aerobics class combining classic disco tunes from the 70s and 80s with simple, fun aerobics-style dance routines which are suitable for all levels of fitness. It’s lit up with disco lighting and a glitter ball, and dressing up is totally encouraged!

I teach this class (along with many other classes) in Bristol and online every week, and have also brought DISCOaerobics to hen parties, offices and festivals.

Yes, I can bring the disco to you too! Let’s boogie oogie oogie at a venue of your choice!

And I’m a friendly, affordable business consultant for fitness businesses, too!

From gyms to PTs, the newly launched to the long-established… I can help you with the associated admin headaches, act as your confidence coach and accountability partner, and GET YOU ORGANISED! Let me help you focus less on the boring stuff and more on doing what you love.

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