I teach online and in-person from my private studio in Hanham, Bristol.
My classes are a safe space. ALL bodies deserve respect and celebration!

I’m Carly and I love helping people realise that movement can feel MAGIC! After a life long hatred of exercise, I tentatively stepped into the world of fitness in my early 30s, with the sole intention of feeling joyful in – and more accepting of – my body.

Moving in this way lit a spark in me. It healed years of cruel school P.E. memories, and made me realise I really wanted to help others light their own spark of joyful movement. And so I jacked in my career, and the rest – as they say – is history.

ALL fitness levels, sizes, shapes, ages and abilities are SO welcome in my sessions. It’s just super important to me that you feel empowered to move in ways which feel good for YOUR body!


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I’ve got an on-demand video library, too!

You can also workout with me on-demand at home with Project HB TV. An affordable, fun, ever-expanding fitness library with a mixture of barre, aerobics, HIIT, weights, pre and post-natal workouts, and seated workouts which are wheelchair-friendly. CLICK HERE to learn more!

A snippet of what I’m all about


Want a HIIT session for your office, barre at your hen party or a DISCOaerobics class at your university’s fresher’s event?
Contact me and let’s plan something sweaty and brilliant!

I’ve brought DISCOaerobics to fresher’s week, taught barre for bankers, put hen parties through 90s aerobics sessions, and guided stretch sessions in office meeting rooms. Online or in person – let’s chat.

If you have an idea and need a friendly, enthusiastic and professional fitness instructor, let’s work something out! Prices are charged per head and for large numbers, discounts are available.

My Qualifications

I’m a fully insured, level 2 qualified gym instructor
(Qualified with: TRAIN fitness, REPS – Now CIMSPA – 2017, insured by EMD UK).
My additional qualifications also include:

  • ‘Indoor Cycling’ (TRAIN Fitness, CIMSPA, 2019)
  • ‘Understanding Eating Disorders for Fitness Professionals’ (Anorexia Bulimia Care, CIMSPA, 2019)
  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise & Wellness and Modern Post-Natal Exercise & Wellness (Burrell Education, CIMSPA, 2019)
  • Barre (Barre UK, CIMSPA, 2020)
  • Disability Awareness in Sport (Disability Sports Coach, 2020)

**If you’re recovered from an eating disorder and you want to start a fitness journey in a mentally healthy, body-neutral way, I am so happy to have a chat about you starting that journey with me**

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