I started running online classes during lockdown.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions in studios, I’m not returning to studios for the time being.


You can still find me online, 6 days a week! YAY!

Join my happy, sassy fitness classes online! I run 6 sessions a week, mornings and evenings, ranging from Barre to aerobics to HIIT to kettlebells to DISCOaerobics! Expect a friendly welcome and a workout to suit all level of fitness. If you’re new, nervous or returning to exercise then don’t worry either – I promise I remember what that feels like. I offer modifications, and the class environment is fun and judgement free.

Here’s a little flavour of what to expect from an online class!


Want a HIIT session for your office, barre at your hen party or a DISCOaerobics session class at your university’s fresher’s event?
Contact me and let’s plan something sweaty and brilliant!

I’ve brought DISCOaerobics to fresher’s week, taught barre for bankers, and put hen parties through 90s aerobics sessions, and guided stretch sessions in office meeting rooms. I’m currently only able to offer online sessions for you and your friends and colleagues, but they still pack a punch!

If you have an idea and need a friendly, enthusiastic and professional fitness instructor and let’s work something out! Prices are charged per head and for large numbers, discounts are available.



I’m a fully insured, level 2 qualified gym instructor
(Qualified with TRAIN fitness, REPS, 2017, and insured by EMD UK).

My qualifications also include:

  • Indoor cycling (TRAIN Fitness, CIMPSA, 2019)
  • Understanding eating disorders for fitness professionals (CIMPSA, 2019)
  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise & Wellness and Modern Post-Natal Exercise & Wellness (Burrell Education, CIMPSA, 2019)
  • Barre (Barre UK, CIMPSA, 2020)
  • Disability Awareness in Sport (2020)

**If you’re recovered from an eating disorder and you want to start keeping fit in a mentally healthy, body positive way, I am absolutely happy to have a chat about you starting that journey with me**



You can now follow “ProjectHBTunes” over on Spotify and to get your fix of the grooves I like to sweat to! I hope you enjoy these selected playlists of my fave badass tunes – let me know if you use them to power your workout!

Here’s a 30 minute easy HIIT workout for you to follow at home – filmed with (and thanks to) my client and friend, Hannah Michalak.

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