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BLOG: Body Confidence Starts in the Brain

Body confidence. It’s something I imagined would improve as I progressed through this fitness project I’m embarking upon. I thought it would improve as I got slimmer, more toned, and basically began to resemble a more model-like version of myself. Three things have happened since I originally set out to uncover the magic secret behind gaining more body confidence. 1) I have realised that … Read More BLOG: Body Confidence Starts in the Brain

My Harshest Critic Is Me

I lost my sparkle a while back. My desire for life went missing. I felt bored. Bored and boring. And I’ve been trying to write about this inexplicable loss of my mojo for months now. It feels like a bit of a moan, if I’m honest. But seeing as this blog promotes all things happy, it would be disingenuous of me to pretend that … Read More My Harshest Critic Is Me

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