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BLOG: 2018 in Review

2018. I present to you a year when you could legit see someone who was born at the millennium, in the pub. How was it for you? A blur? A slog? And how’s 2019 looking? I try not to advocate “new year new me” resolution-y bullshit when it comes to writing about wellness, because I think the whole idea of resolutions is wrapped up … Read More BLOG: 2018 in Review


BLOG: So you want to be a fitness instructor?

It’s been 18 months since I qualified as a fitness instructor. It was a complete career overhaul and one I know lots of people consider when they really get into fitness as a hobby. That jump from passion to profession was as scary as it was exhilarating, and I’ve decided to share my journey so you can learn a thing or two if you’re … Read More BLOG: So you want to be a fitness instructor?


BLOG: How to be believe in yourself when you feel like sh*t

I just want you to know that every time I stand in front of a studio full of people, I’m scared. I am worried I’m going to forget everything. I feel incredibly self-conscious. I feel confused that people have actually turned up. I have to plant my feet into the ground in a bid not to turn on my heel and peg it into … Read More BLOG: How to be believe in yourself when you feel like sh*t


BLOG: Please Don’t Hide Behind The Broccoli

An open letter to my lovely clients: Hello! I see you there, hiding behind the broccoli. And I’m writing this to coax you out. It’s a Sunday morning, we’re both just here to squeeze avocados and stock up on loo roll. So come out from the veggies and say hi! And when you emerge, I want to say a few things about why you’ve … Read More BLOG: Please Don’t Hide Behind The Broccoli


The Bearpit Bristol: A Plea from Little Old Me

Every Tuesday at 7.25am I arrive at Bearpit Social, get a broom and spend 5 minutes sweeping a little area of the Bearpit. Then I set up my BearFit bootcamp equipment. For the 45 minutes after that, between two and seven of us get sweaty, move our bodies, challenge ourselves, share banter and jokes, build community spirit, and welcome people who may not be … Read More The Bearpit Bristol: A Plea from Little Old Me


BLOG: My OCD and Me

So… a few months ago I featured Balance Magazine and ended up sharing the fact I have an obsessive compulsive disorder with a few thousand Londoners. I wrote this post soon after and I’ve been too nervous to actually publish it for about three months! *Deep breath* here goes. I was interviewed about a whole range of subjects in the magazine article, sharing experiences about … Read More BLOG: My OCD and Me


BLOG: Your Fitness is YOUR Business (and no one else’s!)

Exercise, working out, moving, sweating, gymming – whatever you call it, fitness is different for everyone. Quite simply, moving more makes you feel good. Moving will do a different thing for every single person – it can ease joint pain, aid digestion, increase your heart strength, make you more lean and alleviate symptoms of depression. You will feel more confident and have better self-esteem … Read More BLOG: Your Fitness is YOUR Business (and no one else’s!)


BLOG: Exercise Vs. Training. Ain’t it all just moving?

I often wonder what I could have achieved with my life if it wasn’t for my uncontrollable desire to actually read clickbait. I reckon I could have squeezed in at least another degree by now. I got click-baited last week. And before I could stop myself, there I was, reading an article telling me why exercising is wrong, training is right, and where I’ve … Read More BLOG: Exercise Vs. Training. Ain’t it all just moving?


BLOG: I Love You, January Gym Brigade!

They started in mid-December. The depressing comments about how only people who are “really” into fitness keep a fitness regime up when everyone else is partying. It was unnecessary and made my heart break. And I fear January is about to get even worse. The eye-rolls from seasoned gym-goers, about newbies “taking over” the gym are starting. And I don’t like ’em one bit. The … Read More BLOG: I Love You, January Gym Brigade!

BLOG: My Name’s Carly and I’m a Sportswear Addict…

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading this right now either wearing leggings or else you’re dreaming about the next moment you can get out of what you’re wearing and slip into something a little more… sexy. And by that I obviously mean leggings. If you thought I meant anything other than leggings just then, I’m gonna break it to you gently: we can’t … Read More BLOG: My Name’s Carly and I’m a Sportswear Addict…


BLOG: Interviewing Ultimate #GirlBoss Chloe Madeley

A few months ago I threw caution to the wind and sent a little email to one of my all time favourite fitness gals, Chloe Madeley. She’s just so COOL… I find her honest, funny, cheeky and so incredibly refreshing in a world of perfectly procured instagram posts. I also love the fact she always completely keeps it real, whether that means she’s smashing … Read More BLOG: Interviewing Ultimate #GirlBoss Chloe Madeley

REVIEW: VerveRider+ Wireless Headphones Review

A couple of weeks ago, I nearly choked myself to death by getting tangled in my headphone wires on the treadmill. I went into the same sort of flappy panic that engulfs you when a wasp decides it wants a bite of your lunch, and pretty much made the entire gym floor stare at me in a mixture of confusion and amusement. It was … Read More REVIEW: VerveRider+ Wireless Headphones Review


BLOG: My Lady Garden is Not an Actual Garden, Thanks

Periods are so in right now, I fully expect a giant sanitary pad to be turned into an ironically winged dress and sashayed down the catwalk at the next London Fashion Week. A woman’s natural monthly loss of blood was once again brought onto our social newsfeeds this summer after Chinese Olympic athlete Fu Yuanhui told reporters she had struggled with her swimming race because she … Read More BLOG: My Lady Garden is Not an Actual Garden, Thanks

BLOG: Running Tips For Idiots (like me)

As you may know, I’ve recently moved to Bristol, and as any sensible fitty in a new city would, I’ve decided to lace up my trainers and learn my way around via some new running routes. And I’ll be honest. It’s been pretty dismal to date. So far, so lost. I’ve been blessed with many things, but a sense of direction is definitely not one … Read More BLOG: Running Tips For Idiots (like me)


BLOG: Why Has Eating Become a Guilty Little Secret?

When I took my first, tentative steps into the health and fitness community, I was obsessed with calorie content, yet thought eating a adult-sized bag of sweets for lunch was ok because they were labelled “fat free”. I thought exercising on an empty stomach was the best way to lose weight and count calories. I started a new faddy diet at least once a … Read More BLOG: Why Has Eating Become a Guilty Little Secret?


BLOG: Witness The (Very Average and Achievable) Fitness

Let me start by saying that last week, the heaviest weight I lifted was my TV remote. But as a fitness blogger, I do manage to motivate my ass to class pretty often, and I reckon you can too. Time to share my top tips on how to start and maintain a fitness regime when you’re an average, work-harassed, cookie-loving adult. 1. You Are … Read More BLOG: Witness The (Very Average and Achievable) Fitness


BLOG: Surviving DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

A friend waddled up to my desk at the day job the other day. “Do you know how to get rid of DOMS?” she asked gingerly. Due to the fact I’m a dispicably annoying human being, I was instantly jealous of that day-after-exercise muscle ache she was experiencing. I love that feeling. I actually went through a period of time when it didn’t feel … Read More BLOG: Surviving DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)


BLOG: Changing Room Etiquette (Don’t Be An A**hole)

There’s only one place that can instil as much rage within me as a packed tube carriage when I’m running late. And that’s a gym changing room. They throw up all of the difficulties we face as rush-hour commuters, with the added social complexity of everyone you encounter being partially undressed. Some gyms (1Rebel, Boom Cycle, FitMiBody, Tempo Pilates) have got it right. Even … Read More BLOG: Changing Room Etiquette (Don’t Be An A**hole)


BLOG: IBS Series: Make Your Own Live Yoghurt

In my blog post about suffering from IBS earlier this month, I mentioned that I’d be sharing some ways that have helped me to calm my digestive system and lessen the intensity/frequency of IBS episodes. For anyone with IBS, I encourage you to embark on some open-minded discovery of your trigger foods, because every single one of us is different. For me, one amazing … Read More BLOG: IBS Series: Make Your Own Live Yoghurt


BLOG: Run Like a Girl Running Club

Do you “Run Like a Girl”? Happy, determined, enjoying the experience? Well so do we. Once a month a group of us get together to do a gentle, sociable and completely achievable run through London. It’s the free “Run Like a Girl” running club, an initiative put together by Bella Kinesis and hosted/led by me! And you can see when we’re next meeting (and … Read More BLOG: Run Like a Girl Running Club


BLOG: Same Shit, Different Year

New year brings the same old shit. Hangover, credit card bill, a few extra kilograms. A mental list of resolutions that you kinda already know you’re not going to stick to, but you’ll play along for a couple of weeks before going back to the “I’ll start next week” mentality. Before you blink, it’s Christmas again, and you never did get round to that … Read More BLOG: Same Shit, Different Year


REVIEW: Yoga Supper Club at God’s Own Junkyard

The trek to Walthamstow was a frantic one in order to get to the special location. I power walked 20 minutes from Walthamstow Central, through the borough I first lived in when I arrived in London 10 years ago, barely recognising it. But there was no time to marvel at Walthamstow Village. I had a yoga class and dinner date in a junkyard to … Read More REVIEW: Yoga Supper Club at God’s Own Junkyard


REVIEW: Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training

THE BASICS: How does one describe Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training? Hmmm. It’s like…. a powerplate machine. But with wires. And kind of like getting a tattoo without hurting to much. It has to be felt to fully appreciate it. But know this: You get into a damp suit, electric pulses get zinged through your muscles thousands of times a minute, and you … Read More REVIEW: Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training


BLOG: So How Does a Blogger Use Social Media?

Essena O’Neil, a teenage Instagram star with thousands of followers, declared war on social media last week. I admit, I hadn’t heard of her until the papers exploded with comment on her dramatic vlog and subsequent Instagram implosion. Initially she shared her displeasure on the small screen and then re-wrote her Instagram captions to “more realistically” reflect the reality behind her perfectly choreographed insta-life. … Read More BLOG: So How Does a Blogger Use Social Media?


BLOG: Winning the MyProtein Best Fitness Blogger Award

I was absolutely delighted to find out that Project HB had won the category of “Best Fitness Blog” at the MyProtein Fitness Blogger Awards! Who’d have thunk it?! Thank you for your nomination and for, well… for a shit load of stuff you’ve all helped me realise without even knowing you’ve been responsible for it. HBs- I’ve spent the first 29 years of my … Read More BLOG: Winning the MyProtein Best Fitness Blogger Award

REVIEW: MegaRed Krill Oil Supplements

If you don’t know what Krill is, then you need to watch Finding Nemo. If you haven’t watched Finding Nemo- go on, go and watch it right now. I’ll wait here for you… Ok done? Brilliant, isn’t it? It’s one of my favourite films. I even went to watch Nemo on Ice a couple of Christmases ago (it was SPECTACULAR). Why is this relevant? … Read More REVIEW: MegaRed Krill Oil Supplements

REVIEW: Workplay Bags: Goddess III Gym Bag

I first heard about Workplay Bags a couple of years ago when incredibly likeable founder and bag designer Guy gave a talk at a runner’s conference. He was full of enthusiasm, and a real character- I loved how passionate he was about designing and creating women’s gym bags after really listening to what we want out of a bag. I’ve done a little promoting … Read More REVIEW: Workplay Bags: Goddess III Gym Bag


BLOG: In Defence of a Name

I’m getting a bit tired of having to defend the name of this blog. Some of you- you get it. And I guess the good thing is, I only really want this happy, inspirational little community to consist of people who “get it”- otherwise I’m trying to fake something to attract a larger group of people, and not being genuine in the process. My … Read More BLOG: In Defence of a Name

BLOG: Silverfit Aquathlon

I’m pretty nervous around water. If I can’t see the bottom I freak out. In fact, if I can see the bottom but can’t reach it, then I also freak out. Essentially, unless I’m in a bath or a shallow swimming pool, I’m usually screaming and flapping about like I’m drowning. I am NOT the sort of person who gets into a murky lake, … Read More BLOG: Silverfit Aquathlon

BLOG: Body Confidence Starts in the Brain

Body confidence. It’s something I imagined would improve as I progressed through this fitness project I’m embarking upon. I thought it would improve as I got slimmer, more toned, and basically began to resemble a more model-like version of myself. Three things have happened since I originally set out to uncover the magic secret behind gaining more body confidence. 1) I have realised that … Read More BLOG: Body Confidence Starts in the Brain


BLOG: #GetYourOMBack with Sweaty Betty in July 2015

I’ve been in a yoga funk recently, and although some lovely Hotpod has been gently coaxing me back, I was excited to see Sweaty Betty are holding a #GetYourOMBack challenge on Instagram in July. That means it starts THIS WEDNESDAY! What better way to get back in to my some  daily OM-ing? The challenge promises 31 days, 31 poses up on Instagram, and some … Read More BLOG: #GetYourOMBack with Sweaty Betty in July 2015

BLOG: Five fitness friends

You know them. You endure them. It’s a jungle out there and it’s best you’re prepared for these commonly spotted gym-inhabitants. THE BREATHER Also known as The Screamer, The Grunter, or (in their least offensive disguise- The Whooper. In this form, the culprit is usually American, and wants to tell you about how amazing Flywheel is). The Breather will make a sound that only … Read More BLOG: Five fitness friends

BLOG: Some hippy shiz, because I love yoga

21st June is Summer Solstice and the day the UN officially recognised as International Day of Yoga. A good day indeed for getting a bit spiritual! The relationship between a person and their yoga practice is a unique one, and I thought I’d share a bit about mine to celebrate the day. I love yoga because if I get a good class, I’m a … Read More BLOG: Some hippy shiz, because I love yoga

BLOG: A Love Letter to Running Routes of Old

I’m missing Shoreditch. And I found this- an unpublished post that I wrote last winter about my friendly old running route. It made me nearly cry with nostalgia. What’s your favourite part of the city to run in? Do you recognise this route? Will I eventually prefer my new route round the Olympic Park to my old comfy route along the Thames….? “A run … Read More BLOG: A Love Letter to Running Routes of Old


BLOG: Project HB’s Personal Best (or, PHBPB)

At the beginning of the year, I signed up to a couple of mid-year races with a click of a mouse and little thought to training. The races crept nearer, as I was trying to get to sleep, I kept having flashes of coming last in a race… or being pecked to death on the race course by a giant bird of prey in … Read More BLOG: Project HB’s Personal Best (or, PHBPB)

BLOG: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Breakfast Flattie

Introducing FLATTIES! These fruity flatties are a simple alternative to breakfast breads, with a springy bite and a light crust. In their basic form, they contains only two ingredients- flour and yoghurt. They make an amazing breakfast base when you follow the fruity recipe version below. And by taking out the berries, they can easily be used as a plain muffin substitute- covered in … Read More BLOG: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Breakfast Flattie

BLOG: Turning Two, Moving Out and Marching On

Recently, Project HB made it to the grand old age of two! Yep, this journey started back in March 2013 when, incidently, I turned 29- and had a bit of an “Oh. Holy. Fuck” moment. I was living in a gross houseshare in Bermondsey, I was recovering from the end of another crappy, short-lived online dating failure, and honestly- I was looking for something, … Read More BLOG: Turning Two, Moving Out and Marching On

REVIEW: Frame Learn- Fibre with Karen O’Donoghue

THE BASICS: I’m a huge fan of Frame, as you may know. I was excited to be kindly invited to one of their new Frame Learn events– they’ve taken residence at gorgeous Counter Albion in Shoreditch this April for a series of expert talks and workshops, all followed by healthy, nourishing dinners where you get the chance to socialise with the speaker and fellow … Read More REVIEW: Frame Learn- Fibre with Karen O’Donoghue

BLOG: Pactster Interview

We received a lovely email from Imme and recently, telling us all about Pactster- a new way to workout with friends online. You choose a workout video, sign up, and up to 4 of you can take the class from your respective houses, watching the same thing at the same time and chat via video too! We fell in love with the idea instantly- … Read More BLOG: Pactster Interview

REVIEW: The Heathy Blue Bird Health Coaching Consultation

Claire, founder of The Healthy Blue Bird had kindly offered me a health and nutrition consultation which we held over FaceTime last week! (At the end of this post- there are details on how to claim your free 30 minute consultation with Claire. Scroll all the way down to find the offer). The lowdown: Claire’s an ex-magic circle litigator who launched The Healthy Blue Bird after … Read More REVIEW: The Heathy Blue Bird Health Coaching Consultation

BLOG: This Girl Can’t

Woah woah, woah, let me explain. Ok, so first off- I’m taking it you’ve already seen the campaign by now? If you haven’t, then sneakily click below and pretend like you’ve known about it all along. I won’t tell, don’t worry. In fact, even if you’ve seen it, watch it again. Go on. It’s good. Click here for #ThisGirlCan Video So- now we’re all … Read More BLOG: This Girl Can’t

REVIEW: Chloe Manlay Nutritional Therapist- KICKSTARTER workshop

I first met Chloe at lululemon Islington (happy memories!) She had a leopard print undercut and a passion for yoga. Adore. We’ve been fitness pals for a couple of years now, bumping into each other at yoga classes and events, and sharing the odd brainstorm about Big Hairy Audacious Goals! During this time, she’s been growing her network as a Nutritional Therapist, and so … Read More REVIEW: Chloe Manlay Nutritional Therapist- KICKSTARTER workshop

Project HB Health & Fitness Planner- Download

(pssst….If you’ve read the intro previously, then simply scroll to the end for your refill planner…..) Why bother with a planner? Here’s the thing. Life’s for living. Spontaneity is what makes life feel… well, alive! We aren’t about to put a ban on that. But… planning helps. Here at Project HB, we’ve got to where we are today by making tiny changes, and maintaining … Read More Project HB Health & Fitness Planner- Download

My Harshest Critic Is Me

I lost my sparkle a while back. My desire for life went missing. I felt bored. Bored and boring. And I’ve been trying to write about this inexplicable loss of my mojo for months now. It feels like a bit of a moan, if I’m honest. But seeing as this blog promotes all things happy, it would be disingenuous of me to pretend that … Read More My Harshest Critic Is Me

Resolution Schmesolution. A Very Modest Guide To Making 2015 Goals

Another year, another set of resolutions! I’m sure the internet will be awash with suggestions as to what you should be pledging this year. Thank goodness we have you to tell us how to run our lives, Internet! New years resolutions are a funny thing. More often than not, they take the following formula: “I will stop doing [insert thing you actually enjoy]” How … Read More Resolution Schmesolution. A Very Modest Guide To Making 2015 Goals

Project HB’s…er…HB (Healthy Bircher)

I’m a bit naughty when it comes to food, preferring to eat haribo as a meal replacement if I’m having a tricky day at work. But I do find that my downfall tends to be when I start the day badly, and then I just think “ah well” give up, and the whole day descends into a sugary hell. If I start the day … Read More Project HB’s…er…HB (Healthy Bircher)

Hosting the Sunset Sessions- What A Summer!

I was on my way out of a long illness fug. My lovely friend and Dru yoga teacher, Lucy, was facing a reluctant moving house scenario. A 100 day illness and moving house in a rush. We were not a jolly pair. We sat at the top of Frank’s cafe in Peckham, drinking our too-sugary drinks, looking at a grey London skyline, and talking about all … Read More Hosting the Sunset Sessions- What A Summer!

Training Through Winter!

During the winter months, I am guilty of doing the following, and only the following: Eating pie Eating stew Eating puddings Wearing my onesie Watching boxsets Sleeping for 12 hours at a time Yep- winter makes me want to do 100% of the above, every day. And nothing else. My fitness mojo is ruined. Rain, cold and wind- YOU MAKE ME FEEL AS MOTIVATED … Read More Training Through Winter!


Joggbox kindly sent me* along one of their boxes for runners, after I’d met one of their founders Alexis at the Style PB launch event a week or so earlier. It’s a tried and tested concept- you pay a monthly subscription and you are sent a box in the post- but one with an angle I hadn’t encountered before. I’ve tried veggie boxes and … Read More JoggBox

Stretch Yoga, Meditation

THE BASICS: An early, quiet 45 minute meditation class on Columbia Road. Stretch Yoga has two studios; one here and one off Broadway Market. Meditation is available, as are different forms of Yoga. £10 for a meditation class. THE (peaceful) BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: Saturday mornings tend to be about throwing myself out the door and round the park, or else into some fast paced, … Read More Stretch Yoga, Meditation

Maxi Nutrition & Human Performance with Dame Kelly Holmes

About a month ago, I received a very exciting email- Protein supplement company Maxi Nutrition had invited myself and several other bloggers (including Snickers to Marathon) along for a unique opportunity to look around the futuristic GlaxoSmithKlein Human Performance Lab, while learning about protein and nutrition. You may remember Maxi Nutrition in it’s former life as Maxi Muscle. I won’t lie- as Maxi Muscle it had sounded … Read More Maxi Nutrition & Human Performance with Dame Kelly Holmes

Training with a Rollstuhlfahrer

A good friend of mine recently found out he had a place in the Berlin Marathon. Recently, as in, he found out when he only had 6 weeks left to to train for it. That’s 6 weeks to train for 26.2 miles. I had almost choked on my glass of wine when he casually dropped his confirmed marathon place into the conversation. A couple … Read More Training with a Rollstuhlfahrer

Injury, illness, depression… and conquering it

As you probably know, I’m in the recovery stages of a 3 month-long illness. 6 weeks ago, while I was lying in bed, coughing, nursing a fractured rib and just generally feeling well and truly crap, I started googling. I was googling for 2 main reasons. The first was to find funny cat memes to cheer me up (obviously). The second, and probably more … Read More Injury, illness, depression… and conquering it

Wasabi Peas, telephones and some blogging tips

As you’re probably sick of hearing, I have been ill for nearly 3 months (although getting so much better and even contemplating my first slow, gentle jog in a day or two!) Quite gratefully, I had been approached by the PR company behind Vonage– a company specialising in communication solutions for small and home based businesses – to come for an evening with two … Read More Wasabi Peas, telephones and some blogging tips

Project Poorly B*tch!

A little note to Hot B*tches everywhere to say a huge sorry for the lack of sweat, physical activity and bouncy, motivational happiness of late. If you follow Project HB on Facebook or Twitter, then you have probably heard (and are possibly sick of hearing) that I have been poorly for 2 months. The offender? THIS horrible illness! In China they call it the … Read More Project Poorly B*tch!


Ellie is one of my dearest friends- She’s been lovely looking after me while I’ve been unwell- bringing over trashy books, making brekkie, and also writing up her recent GoodGym experience for you to enjoy. Thank you for this fabulous guest post, Ellie! (To contribute a guest review then email THE BASICS: GoodGym is an organisation that aims to help us all exercise while doing … Read More GoodGym

Fitness Five Challenge- Hosted by Project HB!

A couple of Saturdays ago (one of those days that requires you to take out both your brolly and your sunshades) 20 of you headed down to the gorgeous new studio Victor’s Lab in Peckham to take part in a Project HB hosted challenge: The Fitness Five! The idea was to introduce HBs to five new classes they might not otherwise have tried, give … Read More Fitness Five Challenge- Hosted by Project HB!

REVIEW: Workplay Bags, Fleetfoot II Review

I’d first heard about Workplay Bags at a bloggers conference in late 2013. Guy- founder of the company- had given a passionate and completely adorable overview of his range of fitness-inspired bags for women. He spoke with a real understanding of his audience, and I think I was so endeared by him because he had something of an inventor about him. You could see that a … Read More REVIEW: Workplay Bags, Fleetfoot II Review

Wunder Unders

I admit it. I am slightly obsessed with workout gear. Obsessed as in, I get invited for a night out, open up my wardrobe and wonder what the hell I am going to wear that isn’t leggings, sports bra, vest and colourful trainers. The other day I was approached by the gorgeous peeps at lululemon who are currently preparing for the grand opening of … Read More Wunder Unders

Food for thought (well, mainly for belly)

Something that I don’t talk about often enough on here is the food I shove into my gob, which is odd seeing as food is what fuels me whilst attending all of these classes. Rather fortuitously, a couple of weeks ago I met possibly the most happy person on the planet- Dione. She breezed into the Project HB networking night and lit up the … Read More Food for thought (well, mainly for belly)

BLOG: One year is a lot of days

On my 29th birthday last year, Project Hot B*tch officially began with a sad little run and a good dollop of soul searching. I felt pretty shit about myself on that day, but I was determined to do… something. I hadn’t worked out what yet. That run was the start. Well guess what? I just turned 30! That means one whole year since this … Read More BLOG: One year is a lot of days

Fitness Class Cheatsheet

Those who came along to the first Project HB girly networking night on 6th March would have got your mitts on a new little offering I’ve been working on- a Fitness Class Cheatsheet! It’s certainly not comprehensive, but this nifty little sheet introduces lots of classes in London that you can attend for free, or at least for a hell of a lot less … Read More Fitness Class Cheatsheet

The Fitness Class Recipe

Over the past 12 months, I’ve bee to a LOT of classes. Big, small, welcoming, frosty, difficult, easy. Not a single one has reminded me of another- it’s been wonderful to have such varied and unique experiences on this constantly evolving journey into fitness. Here are my thoughts on what’s the secret recipe to creating and running a successful class. A tablespoon of STUDIO … Read More The Fitness Class Recipe

A little appreciation

This post is not:  A review A story about some form of exercise This post is: Very short Written at 1.30am I went to a workshop a couple of weeks ago, run by Gillian, author of First Time Leader. We were a group of women sitting, talking about making life goals and generally sharing our stories with one another. It was a really inspiring and … Read More A little appreciation

This year I resolve to accept the size of my bottom

After all of the blog activity around peoples’ new years resolutions today, I’ve decided I should get a few of my own pledged out into the blogverse. I KNOW you have all been sitting at your computers, pressing refresh and just waiting for my two cents worth on the whole concept of new year’s resolutions. I’d hate to disappoint. And so- in 2014, my new … Read More This year I resolve to accept the size of my bottom


BLOG: The Day I Ran A Marathon in 6 hrs 31 mins

This post is for all the people who were told they were useless at sport when they were small. People are often surprised when they learn that I once ran a marathon. Well, ran is probably an exaggeration. Limped a marathon might be more accurate. Limped, walked, crawled, cried and tantrumed my way through 26.2 miles would probably be entirely accurate. I started this … Read More BLOG: The Day I Ran A Marathon in 6 hrs 31 mins

Everything But The Cow Soya & Fruit Drinks

I was kindly given these yummy milk free, gluten free, soya protein fruit drinks by the peeps at Everything But The Cow, and had been wanting to taste them and review them for you since I received them (I know, the things I do for you, it really is so selfless). I liked the story behind the product too- three women experimenting in their … Read More Everything But The Cow Soya & Fruit Drinks

Claire Stone Nutrition, Fall Into Fab Autumn Detox

WHY I’VE ALWAYS DISLIKED THE WORD “DETOX”: I write a lot of reviews about getting sweaty and prattling around in fitness clothes. Most of these reviews end with me exhausted and shoving cake or macaroni cheese in my face. The idea of starving myself skinny instead of working out and getting sexy and strong completely goes against why I set this website up in … Read More Claire Stone Nutrition, Fall Into Fab Autumn Detox

Gymluxe/Project HB Photo Shoot

The website has been going from strength to strength lately, and I realised it was probably about time I started to represent Project HB in a slightly more professional light than just instagramming photos of my daily lunch and sweaty face. It was time to get some proper photographs taken! I wanted the mood of the photoshoot to reflect the ethos behind what the … Read More Gymluxe/Project HB Photo Shoot

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