An open letter to my lovely clients:
I see you there, hiding behind the broccoli. And I’m writing this to coax you out. It’s a Sunday morning, we’re both just here to squeeze avocados and stock up on loo roll. So come out from the veggies and say hi! And when you emerge, I want to say a few things about why you’ve gotta stop diving behind the fruit and veg when we bump into each other in public.
The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU! Thank you so much for having come to my classes previously, and tasking me with the job of helping you move in ways that feel good! Without people like you, it’s just me dancing around in an empty studio and making crap jokes at myself. I want you to know how deeply grateful I am that you choose to exercise with me!
It is an absolute joy to share my love of movement with you, whether that’s been a one time thing or we do it every week. I train hard to be a good teacher and I am genuinely honoured every time you decide to join me for a workout. My pledges to you are to always remain humble, to never claim to know more than I do, and to research and learn more about ways you can work up a sweat. I promise to take the time to prepare for a session, too. You’re deciding to pay me your hard-earned money; I’m promising to always arrive prepared and ready to deliver a really good session.
We’ve gotta address the fact you’re still peeking at me from behind the spuds though. I know why you’re doing it – and you GOTTA stop! There’s absolutely NO need to say sorry, look sheepish or feel like you owe me an excuse when you’ve not been to my classes for a while. Chill, my friend. I promise I don’t mind! YOU. ABSOLUTELY. DO. NOT. OWE. ME. AN. APOLOGY, ok?! OK.
Listen, maybe you’ve been busy. Maybe I’ve taught you once and you’ve decided my style isn’t for you. Maybe you’ve found other things you love to do more than what I offer. I just want to let you know – all of that is TOTALLY ok. Never feel you have to apologise or hide from me because of that.
As strange as it might sound for a fitness instructor to say to their clients – you don’t owe me any loyalty either! It’s MY job to keep my style fresh and interesting, and retain your loyalty. But I’m running a business. You have the right to choose to take your custom elsewhere, and I encourage you to remember that because it keeps me on my flippin’ toes!
It’s my job to create stuff that you enjoy to keep you coming back, and yes I love it if I create something you want to attend frequently – but it’s also your right to decide how and where you exercise, and most importantly, who with. Don’t ever feel guilty for doing just that!
I’m so sorry if you’ve been made to feel the need to excuse yourself in this way through previous experiences. I’ve been a client and experienced that, too. The snide “oh, where have YOU been since last month?” yelled at me in front of everyone as I arrive. It’s really taken the wind out of my sails and ruined the whole class for me. It’s not fair when an instructor does this. It’s unprofessional and it’s shaming you. In my opinion, an instructors job is to empower you. So, if this has happened to you and influenced how you act now, then I hope this letter makes you feel ok about shaking those experiences off.
No one should be making you turn up to a session through a mixture of dread and guilt. I believe that a core skill of any exercise instructor should be to encourage you to carry on moving your body a few times a week, by making you look forward to doing that in ways that are right for you. I also believe a good instructor will encourage you to exercise in a variety of ways with different people.
I might be someone who teaches in a way you love, and so you wanna come back week after week. However, I might also be someone whose teaching style doesn’t really resonate with you. And I PROMISE I am ok with being either of those. If I’m not for you, but I’ve helped springboard you towards someone more suitable, then I’m so happy to have ignited your passion and been part of your bigger journey.
So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this: You don’t owe me (or anyone else for that matter) a repeat visit if you don’t fancy it. Life happens. Preferences are formed. If you can’t make it, or you don’t want to make it, then the only thing I encourage you to do is to try other things and not give up. Just know I am not judging or resenting you if those things are not with me. I am happy we met, and I am happy to bump into you over the yoghurts you’re now hiding behind.
Never feel like you’ve got to avoid me! Never feel like you’re going to be shamed by me for not coming back, or not coming back as regularly as you used to. Give me a wave and let me know what you’ve been up to! Tell me what studio and classes you’ve discovered – I’m a human being too and I like new tips about where might be fun to get sweaty.
And if you ever go to another instructors class, and you’re made to feel embarrassed, small or shameful by them for not attending every single week, then ask yourself if they really have your best interests at heart. A good instructor should empower, encourage and support you. Go and test them all out, and experience the joy that a variety of disciplines and teachers can bring to your workout and your health!
If this sort of attitude is for you, then you can find out where I teach by clicking here. And if you don’t fancy doing that, then that’s ok too :)

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