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BLOG: So you want to be a fitness instructor?

It’s been 18 months since I qualified as a fitness instructor. It was a complete career overhaul and one I know lots of people consider when they really get into fitness as a hobby. That jump from passion to profession was as scary as it was exhilarating, and I’ve decided to share my journey so you can learn a thing or two if you’re … Read More BLOG: So you want to be a fitness instructor?


BLOG: Please Don’t Hide Behind The Broccoli

An open letter to my lovely clients: Hello! I see you there, hiding behind the broccoli. And I’m writing this to coax you out. It’s a Sunday morning, we’re both just here to squeeze avocados and stock up on loo roll. So come out from the veggies and say hi! And when you emerge, I want to say a few things about why you’ve … Read More BLOG: Please Don’t Hide Behind The Broccoli


REVIEW: Functional Fitness, Stress Breaker

THE BASICS: This Functional Fitness class was a 30 minute outdoor circuit style bootcamp in Queen’s Square, Bristol. For this particular “Stress Breaker” sesh, drop in was £7 and it was £60 for a block of 10 classes. Prices vary. Outdoor bootcamp and indoor training with Functional Fitness is also available at other locations around the city, including a longer, Saturday morning outdoor session … Read More REVIEW: Functional Fitness, Stress Breaker

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