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BLOG: Your Fitness is YOUR Business (and no one else’s!)

Exercise, working out, moving, sweating, gymming – whatever you call it, fitness is different for everyone. Quite simply, moving more makes you feel good. Moving will do a different thing for every single person – it can ease joint pain, aid digestion, increase your heart strength, make you more lean and alleviate symptoms of depression. You will feel more confident and have better self-esteem … Read More BLOG: Your Fitness is YOUR Business (and no one else’s!)


THE BASICS: Flex TV offers social home fitness in the form of a subscription service to an online portal that runs live classes throughout the day, and you attend them via your computer screen. Classes range from short HIIT sessions to yoga and dance, all available for you to do in your own home (or wherever you choose to sweat). It’s nice to know there … Read More REVIEW: Flex TV


BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?

It started in September I’m not sure I like the concept of quick-fix diet and exercise programmes. I think they offer people a way to punish themselves, and I don’t think they’re a sustainable thing to keep up once they’re finished. Sure, they get results. But I’m not sure I like the journey they take someone on, nor the (psychological) destination they often lead someone to. … Read More BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?


REVIEW: Functional Fitness, Stress Breaker

THE BASICS: This Functional Fitness class was a 30 minute outdoor circuit style bootcamp in Queen’s Square, Bristol. For this particular “Stress Breaker” sesh, drop in was £7 and it was £60 for a block of 10 classes. Prices vary. Outdoor bootcamp and indoor training with Functional Fitness is also available at other locations around the city, including a longer, Saturday morning outdoor session … Read More REVIEW: Functional Fitness, Stress Breaker


BLOG: I Love You, January Gym Brigade!

They started in mid-December. The depressing comments about how only people who are “really” into fitness keep a fitness regime up when everyone else is partying. It was unnecessary and made my heart break. And I fear January is about to get even worse. The eye-rolls from seasoned gym-goers, about newbies “taking over” the gym are starting. And I don’t like ’em one bit. The … Read More BLOG: I Love You, January Gym Brigade!

REVIEW: Animal Prime

THE BASICS: Animal Prime is a class designed to help you move like you’re meant to. Whaddya mean you know how to move? I mean reeeeally move. Like humans did when we were basically animals. Y’know, running around barefoot and using our knuckles and clubbing wooolly mammoths and stuff. Stay with me. Look, nowadays we squish our bodies in shoes and sit at desks … Read More REVIEW: Animal Prime


BLOG: Interviewing Ultimate #GirlBoss Chloe Madeley

A few months ago I threw caution to the wind and sent a little email to one of my all time favourite fitness gals, Chloe Madeley. She’s just so COOL… I find her honest, funny, cheeky and so incredibly refreshing in a world of perfectly procured instagram posts. I also love the fact she always completely keeps it real, whether that means she’s smashing … Read More BLOG: Interviewing Ultimate #GirlBoss Chloe Madeley


REVIEW: Best’s Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Best’s Bootcamp is a slick treadmill/weights/functional fitness HIIT style bootcamp, tucked up on Villiers street, a stone’s throw from Embankment Station. Their USP is that you have a constant, clear view of the trainer thanks to their 360 video tracking system. It’s pretty sweet. £20 for a drop in class, although packages are available. Your first class is a bargain at a … Read More REVIEW: Best’s Bootcamp


REVIEW: Extreme Kettlebells, MoreFit

THE BASICS: MoreFit offers “Small Group Personal Training” – a dedicated PT taking either individuals or only a few people at a time through their paces. They offer lots of classes in several studios, some super-centrally located for city-workers. I visited Cannon Street, and took a group class. You can get 4 group sessions for £60 as a newbie, and check out their prices … Read More REVIEW: Extreme Kettlebells, MoreFit

REVIEW: Pole Fitness, Gymbox (with Chantal Wood, Pole Fitness)

I’d dabbled with Pole Fitness as a student back in my early 20s, and we’d been peeked at through shut curtains and complained about by members of staff. It was a shame because I really enjoyed it, and it made my legs and core incredibly strong. My re-introduction came in the form of an invitation from founder Chantal to come and try out her … Read More REVIEW: Pole Fitness, Gymbox (with Chantal Wood, Pole Fitness)


REVIEW: Good Vibes- Glow Pilates

THE BASICS: Good Vibes offer a range of classes across two locations in central London (Covent Garden and Fitzrovia). Pilates, yoga, body conditioning and indoor cycling and power plates make up their core timetable. Their “Glow” classes are heated- yum! Good Vibes offer a £45 intro offer (30 days of any classes you like for that price), drop in classes are from £16, and … Read More REVIEW: Good Vibes- Glow Pilates


REVIEW: Psycle Canary Wharf

I’d first reviewed Psycle about 18 months ago, when it opened in a blaze of publicity near Oxford Street. I was (and still am) of the opinion that an indoor cycling class should leave you dripping with sweat and like you’ve just been spat out of a nightclub. For me, that initial experience at Psycle had been a bit… too pretty. A bit too … Read More REVIEW: Psycle Canary Wharf

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