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REVIEW: Clifton Revolution (Spin)

THE BASICS: Clifton Revolution is a high-tech spinning studio in Clifton – you wear heart rate monitors and can see your progress on a big screen (along with everyone else’s) while you get your sweat on. Drop in classes, packages and available on MoveGB. THE HB: Carly THE CLASS: I first waddled up here between Christmas and New Year, and I can tell you, … Read More REVIEW: Clifton Revolution (Spin)

REVIEW: Holly PT, Totally Shredded Drum & Bass Workout

THE BASICS: Drum & Bass Workout is exactly what you’d expect, minus the sticky floors and vodka redbulls. Dark room, thumping drum & bass, disco lights, boxing and MMA/combat inspired moves at Motion Fitness Studios at The Pithay in the centre of the city. This workout is bangin’. £7 drop in (class passes available and also on MoveGB – as of October 2017). THE … Read More REVIEW: Holly PT, Totally Shredded Drum & Bass Workout


BLOG: Your Fitness is YOUR Business (and no one else’s!)

Exercise, working out, moving, sweating, gymming – whatever you call it, fitness is different for everyone. Quite simply, moving more makes you feel good. Moving will do a different thing for every single person – it can ease joint pain, aid digestion, increase your heart strength, make you more lean and alleviate symptoms of depression. You will feel more confident and have better self-esteem … Read More BLOG: Your Fitness is YOUR Business (and no one else’s!)


BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?

It started in September I’m not sure I like the concept of quick-fix diet and exercise programmes. I think they offer people a way to punish themselves, and I don’t think they’re a sustainable thing to keep up once they’re finished. Sure, they get results. But I’m not sure I like the journey they take someone on, nor the (psychological) destination they often lead someone to. … Read More BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?

REVIEW: VerveRider+ Wireless Headphones Review

A couple of weeks ago, I nearly choked myself to death by getting tangled in my headphone wires on the treadmill. I went into the same sort of flappy panic that engulfs you when a wasp decides it wants a bite of your lunch, and pretty much made the entire gym floor stare at me in a mixture of confusion and amusement. It was … Read More REVIEW: VerveRider+ Wireless Headphones Review

REVIEW: The Running School

I was invited to The Running School to have my running style analysed using their video technology, and improved with the help of resident expert Nick. As you may know, I host a running club every month and have a funny old relationship with running, so I was interested to see if this could help me improve for the running club, and enjoy the … Read More REVIEW: The Running School


REVIEW: Best’s Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Best’s Bootcamp is a slick treadmill/weights/functional fitness HIIT style bootcamp, tucked up on Villiers street, a stone’s throw from Embankment Station. Their USP is that you have a constant, clear view of the trainer thanks to their 360 video tracking system. It’s pretty sweet. £20 for a drop in class, although packages are available. Your first class is a bargain at a … Read More REVIEW: Best’s Bootcamp


REVIEW: Extreme Kettlebells, MoreFit

THE BASICS: MoreFit offers “Small Group Personal Training” – a dedicated PT taking either individuals or only a few people at a time through their paces. They offer lots of classes in several studios, some super-centrally located for city-workers. I visited Cannon Street, and took a group class. You can get 4 group sessions for £60 as a newbie, and check out their prices … Read More REVIEW: Extreme Kettlebells, MoreFit

REVIEW: Pole Fitness, Gymbox (with Chantal Wood, Pole Fitness)

I’d dabbled with Pole Fitness as a student back in my early 20s, and we’d been peeked at through shut curtains and complained about by members of staff. It was a shame because I really enjoyed it, and it made my legs and core incredibly strong. My re-introduction came in the form of an invitation from founder Chantal to come and try out her … Read More REVIEW: Pole Fitness, Gymbox (with Chantal Wood, Pole Fitness)


REVIEW: Groove Cycle

THE BASICS: Hidden within the hallowed grounds of what’s now known as Third Space in Canary Wharf, Groove Cycle is a large spin studio in the main gym. Classes have a strong element of dance and moving to the beat. Music was pop-py and uplifting, and it did feel like we were in some sort of carnival-spinning fusion. £16 per class, changing rooms are … Read More REVIEW: Groove Cycle


REVIEW: Good Vibes- Glow Pilates

THE BASICS: Good Vibes offer a range of classes across two locations in central London (Covent Garden and Fitzrovia). Pilates, yoga, body conditioning and indoor cycling and power plates make up their core timetable. Their “Glow” classes are heated- yum! Good Vibes offer a £45 intro offer (30 days of any classes you like for that price), drop in classes are from £16, and … Read More REVIEW: Good Vibes- Glow Pilates


REVIEW: Psycle Canary Wharf

I’d first reviewed Psycle about 18 months ago, when it opened in a blaze of publicity near Oxford Street. I was (and still am) of the opinion that an indoor cycling class should leave you dripping with sweat and like you’ve just been spat out of a nightclub. For me, that initial experience at Psycle had been a bit… too pretty. A bit too … Read More REVIEW: Psycle Canary Wharf


REVIEW: Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training

THE BASICS: How does one describe Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training? Hmmm. It’s like…. a powerplate machine. But with wires. And kind of like getting a tattoo without hurting to much. It has to be felt to fully appreciate it. But know this: You get into a damp suit, electric pulses get zinged through your muscles thousands of times a minute, and you … Read More REVIEW: Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training


REVIEW: Yotopia- Hot Ballet

It’s 7.30am and I’m trying to remember what a plie is supposed to look like. Our incredibly serene teacher Lizzie is calmly instructing us through a series of elegant ballet positions, all of which make my muscles shake. The bead of sweat trickling down my back indicates to me that I’m probably not going to be a ballerina when I grow up. Nevertheless, this dabble with … Read More REVIEW: Yotopia- Hot Ballet

REVIEW: Seen on Screen Fitness- Sweat and Stretch Double

THE BASICS: “Dance Like a Star” Seen On Screen Fitness promises. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Think; dance teachers to the stars, feeling like you’re auditioning for FAME but actually getting a right proper workout in the process. It’s easy enough to follow if you’re uncoordinated, but challenging enough to make you feel like you’re performing in a musical. Their classes take … Read More REVIEW: Seen on Screen Fitness- Sweat and Stretch Double


REVIEW: Skinny Rebel Workout- Altitude Training

Skinny Rebel Workout. I have no words, but I’m gonna try. It’s a simple concept really- stick on an altitude mask, restrict your oxygen intake, and realise you’re really bad at that thing you do everyday without thinking- breathing. The mask is a little rubber mould that sits over your nose and mouth, strapped round the lower half of your face with soft stretchy … Read More REVIEW: Skinny Rebel Workout- Altitude Training

REVIEW: 1Rebel Bishopsgate- Rumble

THE BASICS: This is the younger sibling of the growing 1Rebel empire- under Broadgate Circle. Two types of class to choose from, Reshape (HIIT; weights and cardio) and Rumble (boxing). Classes are £20 for a drop in, although they get cheaper if you buy bundles. For Rumble– you buy the wraps on your first visit (£4- yours to keep) and rent gloves (£1) every … Read More REVIEW: 1Rebel Bishopsgate- Rumble

REVIEW: Moreno Boxing

THE BASICS: Moreno Boxing. Proper boxing. Dalston. Short walk from Dalston Station. £12 for a drop in class. What more do you need to know? THE BITCHES: Sophie and Carly THE CLASS: I’d heard about this plucky young Portuguese Champion, Carlos Moreno, quietly building a bit of a cult following at his boxing gym in this here cool part of London. I was obviously … Read More REVIEW: Moreno Boxing

REVIEW: Body Con at Love Your Body Health Hub

(UPDATE: Love Your Body Health Hub is now unfortunately closed… But Sophie is still PT-ing and she is fippin’ brilliant!) It’s 7.10am and the Spice Girls are powering me through my box squat jumps. “I’m” [jump] “giving you eeeeverything” [jump] “alllll that joyyyyyyy can bring” [jump] “this I sweeaaar” [jump] My quads are screaming and I stop for a little rest. I’m impressed/annoyed by … Read More REVIEW: Body Con at Love Your Body Health Hub

REVIEW: Core Collective – Resistance Class

THE BASICS: Core Collective is a brand new, incredibly stylish and sexy gym close to Kensington High Street Station where you can choose one of three classes: Resistance (TRX) Velocity (high intensity interval class) or Accelerate (spin). It’s a no-fee, drop in or buy-a-package class which means no contract and you can dip in and out whenever you like. It also has a lazy, … Read More REVIEW: Core Collective – Resistance Class


THE BASICS: JeKaJo. What on earth am I on about?! It’s dancing, plain and simple! Allow me to explain….The brain child of founder Tanya Bright, the word JeKaJo means ‘Lets Dance’ in Yoruba, a Nigerian tribal language. It combines music genres and dance styles from Afro-Beats, Hip-Hop, RnB, Soca, Reggae and Dancehall. There are some absolute CLASSICS during the class! Sessions are held in … Read More REVIEW: JeKaJo 

REVIEW: Frame X-Train (TRX, Plyometrics, Weights)

THE BASICS: Frame Shoreditch- the funky, sexy gym that runs approximately 7 billion classes a week. They’ve overhauled one of their studios in 2015, and installed an TRX frame, meaning they can teach new class Frame X-Train. We went to check it out! (Class £15, booking essential) THE BITCHES: Carly & Erin THE CLASS: We work together and so had decided at about 3pm that … Read More REVIEW: Frame X-Train (TRX, Plyometrics, Weights)

BLOG: Pactster Interview

We received a lovely email from Imme and recently, telling us all about Pactster- a new way to workout with friends online. You choose a workout video, sign up, and up to 4 of you can take the class from your respective houses, watching the same thing at the same time and chat via video too! We fell in love with the idea instantly- … Read More BLOG: Pactster Interview

REVIEW: Slice Fitness, Fighting Fit Class

THE BASICS: Slice Urban Fitness offers a huge timetable of classes from it’s neat, bright little studio next to Parson’s Green. It’s in the same building as Cupcake Family Club- so if you’re a mummy, there’s a creche option which is just great! For those of us sans sproglitts, it’s completely separate from the Cupcake Club, although you walk through the cafe area to … Read More REVIEW: Slice Fitness, Fighting Fit Class

REVIEW: Barrecore Kensington Studio Launch Weekend

THE BASICS: Barrecore Kensington is OPEN! And I tried a Barre Mixed class out for size in these new surroundings! It was a challenging, graceful, flowing fusion of dance, pilates and yoga. All three disciplines are incorporated, and you’ll find yourself doing press-ups as well as ballet barre poses and light weight work during the hour. £28 per class (first class for new students … Read More REVIEW: Barrecore Kensington Studio Launch Weekend

REVIEW: 1Rebel Opening Night and Ride Class

THE BASICS: 1 Rebel has arrived. Choose one of two ways to do a group work out- Ride or Reshape. Ride is a 50+ person studio, Reshape is a large “bootcamp” style circuits in a basement, which reminded me of Barry’s Bootcamp, but less “American”. No contracts, No BS, classes from 6am through to 9pm. You feel like you’ve been allowed into the world … Read More REVIEW: 1Rebel Opening Night and Ride Class

Body Align- Mat Pilates with Darren

THE BASICS: This took part in an independent space in Elephant and Castle (2 mins from the station)  made up of brightly coloured, spick and span shipping containers formed into a corner of the area, much like the “Box Park” in Shoreditch. It’s starting to fill up with interesting and cute independent stores and studios- and new yoga and Pilates studio Body Align sits … Read More Body Align- Mat Pilates with Darren

Edge Cycle, Bootcamp

THE BASICS : A new spin studio had opened up close to work. It ran classes before the day job started. This particular class had the word Bootcamp in it. As if I could resist such a combination! Edge Cycle– right at the beginning of Leather Lane- if you get to the burrito shop, you’ve gone too far. First class free, standard drop in classes … Read More Edge Cycle, Bootcamp

Free Hot & Happy Sweaty Betty Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Free Hot and Happy is for normal girls everywhere, and I think I have a girl crush. Devised for girls who want to look hot, keep it real and reap the benefits of feeling free and happy as a result- I completely adore this concept that Nikkita and Becky are the driving force behind through their bootcamps and website. After a glowing … Read More Free Hot & Happy Sweaty Betty Bootcamp

Project Fit

THE BASICS: Project Fit is so new, it smells new-car new. It’s one of those hidden, unexpected gym spaces under the austere buildings just off the Royal Exchange at bank, promising to put you through your paces in a series of weight, resistance, circuit and treadmill intervals. Its aim? To squeeze every last drop of sweat you have in your body… well… out of … Read More Project Fit

Free Hot & Happy Bootcamp- the Albany Club

Super excited- we have another guest review! This review was written by the delightful Nid, who took on the challenge becoming not only a Hot B*tch but a Free and Happy one too! Here’s how she fared….   THE BASICS: Nikkita and Becky are the Free, Hot & Happy ladies.  Nikkita is a personal trainer who uses interval training workouts to help tone up muscle … Read More Free Hot & Happy Bootcamp- the Albany Club


THE BASICS:  Psycle is a brand new sparkly spin studio right in the heart of London town (less than a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus station). Psycle has opened in a blaze of excitement on the London fitness scene, offering a state-side inspired, choreographed class on static resistance bikes. £20 per class. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: Londoners had been whipped into a … Read More Psycle

REVIEW: SuppaJump, Kangoo Jumping

THE BASICS: Welcome to one of the only Kangoo Jumping classes in the whole of London-  Suppajump with the lovely Carolina. Think a cross between an aerobics and a dance class, with the added twist of wearing boots with 8 inch springs on the bottom of them! Trust me on this one- prepare yourself for an hour of springing around a dance studio like an … Read More REVIEW: SuppaJump, Kangoo Jumping

REVIEW: BOOM! Cycle Holborn Launch

My love of this place has been well known for a while- having eagerly bounded my way into the Shoreditch studio for almost a year now, I have to admit that upon hearing of the new BOOM Cycle Holborn studio opening, a little bit of wee may have come out in excitement. And so I was completely delighted when little old Project HB was invited down … Read More REVIEW: BOOM! Cycle Holborn Launch

HIITGirl, HIITGirl Foundation

THE BASICS: HIITGirl offers 30 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training- broken down into 30 seconds of a fast rep-bursts, followed by a 30 second rest (for the “easier” classes). 30 seconds of exercise sounds like a doddle. You are so wrong, my friend. So very wrong. First class is free. Membership or class card options available- with an additional 20% discount on some packages … Read More HIITGirl, HIITGirl Foundation

London Fields Fitness, Spinning Studio

THE BASICS: London Fields fitness, the eclectic, awesome, friendly place beneath the arches in E8 has opened up its very own spinning studio! As a major fan of this gym, I headed down to see how it shaped up. £10 per class, booking by email or by creating an account online. I went to the 7.30pm Wednesday session with Kate, just before Christmas. THE … Read More London Fields Fitness, Spinning Studio

Guest Blog! London Dance Academy, Acrobatics Class

Welcoming guest blogger Claire to Project HB THE BASICS: Fitness Freak makes it really easy to find and sign up to classes you might not normally go to. With that, I found myself wondering what you wear to an acrobatics class and whether it would matter that I can’t really reach my toes. £12 a session at the London Dance Academy. 8:15pm on Wednesdays. Lasts … Read More Guest Blog! London Dance Academy, Acrobatics Class

FormFitness, PT Session with Kate

THE BASICS: A hour long, 1:1 personal training session with Kate in an open plan East London gym, matched to a woman’s strength and stamina capabilities, but without scrimping on any of the hardcore workout (i.e. you still get to wear boxing gloves and feel like a bad-ass). Introductory session is free, with tailored follow up packages available. Kate teaches around London, this class took … Read More FormFitness, PT Session with Kate

Tempo Pilates (E8), Beginners/Intermediate Class

THE BASICS: Muscle strengthening, core work, reps and some serious toning, all completed on a machine that looks like you could both row on it or have an operation on it. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: As regular readers will know, I am still a shiny new pea when it comes to pilates, and this was indeed my Second Class Ever. After proclaiming myself … Read More Tempo Pilates (E8), Beginners/Intermediate Class

Pulse Dance Studio, Zumba with Onyeka

THE BASICS: So, I have known about Zumba for a few years now, but never tried a class. What makes it different from a normal salsa or street dance class exactly? I knew it was a latin-infused dance, and so I was pretty much just relying on my genes to make me good at it! I thought I best wikipedia it (the height of … Read More Pulse Dance Studio, Zumba with Onyeka

REVIEW: Pilates HQ, Reformer Pilates with Hollie (PilatesPT)

THE BASICS: A strengthening, core-focused workout that promises to leave you toned, lean and sculpted, in a scrummy studio, right opposite Angel station. All on a machine that looks like a 17th century torture device. THE BITCHES: Carly. VERY. EARLY. THE CLASS: I had been thinking about Pilates for a while. In my tiny brain, there have always been two sorts of people. The … Read More REVIEW: Pilates HQ, Reformer Pilates with Hollie (PilatesPT)

Frame Shoreditch, FrameBARRE class

THE BASICS: Mix an aerobics class with graceful, perfectly postured ballet barre moves, core work and weight reps. Repeat until you wonder how you are going to walk tomorrow (note- you won’t be able to walk tomorrow). THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: Frame Shoreditch is right round the corner from me and so I find myself heading there quite often nowadays. My last experience had … Read More Frame Shoreditch, FrameBARRE class

Barre Core, BarreBOOTCAMP

THE BASICS:The website says this class combines the “training methods and techniques of [the] signature barrecore class mixed with dance based interval cardio”. It definitely sounded like my sort of class- but I am not going to lie… I mainly just saw the pert bottom on the website and signed up. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: I had signed up to the BarreCore introductory … Read More Barre Core, BarreBOOTCAMP

REVIEW: Boom Cycle, BodyBOOM Class

THE BASICS: An hour long spinning class in the pumped, club-like atmosphere that is the Boom Cycle studio. The BodyBOOM class combines spinning intervals with weights to tone and work the arms and torso. IT HURTS EVERYWHERE. But in a daaaaamn good way. THE BITCHES: Carly, Sarah, Erin THE CLASS: I was delighted to recruit some fellow HBs for this spinning class on a Tuesday after work- … Read More REVIEW: Boom Cycle, BodyBOOM Class

Barre Core, BarreMIXED Class

THE BASICS: A low impact, high intensity work out that isolates muscle groups and works them until they are burning, in a way you are unlikely to have experienced in any other class. You don’t have to be a ballerina either. I know this because I have the grace of a chimp in a tutu (cute maybe, but definitely no Swan Lake). THE BITCHES: … Read More Barre Core, BarreMIXED Class

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