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REVIEW: Body Con at Love Your Body Health Hub

(UPDATE: Love Your Body Health Hub is now unfortunately closed… But Sophie is still PT-ing and she is fippin’ brilliant!) It’s 7.10am and the Spice Girls are powering me through my box squat jumps. “I’m” [jump] “giving you eeeeverything” [jump] “alllll that joyyyyyyy can bring” [jump] “this I sweeaaar” [jump] My quads are screaming and I stop for a little rest. I’m impressed/annoyed by … Read More REVIEW: Body Con at Love Your Body Health Hub

REVIEW: Healthy Living London Bootcamp

THE BASICS: A weekly bootcamp for Summer 2015, held at 7pm every Wednesday in Highbury Fields (furthest from Highbury & Islington Station- towards the tennis courts). Sessions are run by Healthy Living London writer and qualified PT Eliza. £6 for your first class, £14 a class thereafter (10 sessions for £100- bargain!) THE CLASS: There was a whiff of sunshine and everyone signed up … Read More REVIEW: Healthy Living London Bootcamp

Edge Cycle, Bootcamp

THE BASICS : A new spin studio had opened up close to work. It ran classes before the day job started. This particular class had the word Bootcamp in it. As if I could resist such a combination! Edge Cycle– right at the beginning of Leather Lane- if you get to the burrito shop, you’ve gone too far. First class free, standard drop in classes … Read More Edge Cycle, Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Barry’s Bootcamp has reached cult status. The hardcore indoor circuit and interval session  that promise to create buff LA beach bodies out of us pasty Londoners was something I was feeling apprehensive about. Barry thinks he’s going to make a buff bronzed beach body of this die-hard cake fan? I commend your optimism, Barry. £20 per drop-in class, multi-class deals available. THE … Read More Barry’s Bootcamp

Free Hot & Happy Sweaty Betty Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Free Hot and Happy is for normal girls everywhere, and I think I have a girl crush. Devised for girls who want to look hot, keep it real and reap the benefits of feeling free and happy as a result- I completely adore this concept that Nikkita and Becky are the driving force behind through their bootcamps and website. After a glowing … Read More Free Hot & Happy Sweaty Betty Bootcamp

Project Fit

THE BASICS: Project Fit is so new, it smells new-car new. It’s one of those hidden, unexpected gym spaces under the austere buildings just off the Royal Exchange at bank, promising to put you through your paces in a series of weight, resistance, circuit and treadmill intervals. Its aim? To squeeze every last drop of sweat you have in your body… well… out of … Read More Project Fit

HIITGirl, HIITGirl Foundation

THE BASICS: HIITGirl offers 30 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training- broken down into 30 seconds of a fast rep-bursts, followed by a 30 second rest (for the “easier” classes). 30 seconds of exercise sounds like a doddle. You are so wrong, my friend. So very wrong. First class is free. Membership or class card options available- with an additional 20% discount on some packages … Read More HIITGirl, HIITGirl Foundation

London Fields Fitness, Sapan’s Booty Camp

THE BASICS: I put a call out on Twitter for unusual classes to attend. London Fields Fitness replied. “Try Sapan’s Bootycamp” Twitter said. “You can’t quite put it into words, but just go” Twitter said. Twitter was right. There is no way I can describe this class, accept to say that my stomach still hurts, not from sit ups but from laughter. £5 on … Read More London Fields Fitness, Sapan’s Booty Camp

REVIEW: Crossfit Hackney/ Momentum Training Session

THE BASICS: I decided to attempt The Cult of Crossfit twice in a week, albeit at two different establishments. As if I hadn’t had enough the first time round. Crossfit Hackney is close to Haggerston Station. Hidden down a quiet street, you will most likely walk right past it first time you visit, thinking you are walking by an old East London warehouse. Wrong- … Read More REVIEW: Crossfit Hackney/ Momentum Training Session

CrossFit Evolving, Beginners Class

THE BASICS: The Cult of Crossfit. This is an American concept that has exploded over in the UK- think circuits of weight lifting and other such torturous activities, pitched against your classmates, with the aim of measuring how much faster and stronger you get across each session. Crossfit Evolving is directly left out of Holloway Road Station and holds beginners classes on Wednesday nights- first trial … Read More CrossFit Evolving, Beginners Class

Barre Core, BarreBOOTCAMP

THE BASICS:The website says this class combines the “training methods and techniques of [the] signature barrecore class mixed with dance based interval cardio”. It definitely sounded like my sort of class- but I am not going to lie… I mainly just saw the pert bottom on the website and signed up. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: I had signed up to the BarreCore introductory … Read More Barre Core, BarreBOOTCAMP

REVIEW: Boom Cycle, BodyBOOM Class

THE BASICS: An hour long spinning class in the pumped, club-like atmosphere that is the Boom Cycle studio. The BodyBOOM class combines spinning intervals with weights to tone and work the arms and torso. IT HURTS EVERYWHERE. But in a daaaaamn good way. THE BITCHES: Carly, Sarah, Erin THE CLASS: I was delighted to recruit some fellow HBs for this spinning class on a Tuesday after work- … Read More REVIEW: Boom Cycle, BodyBOOM Class

Barre Core, BarreMIXED Class

THE BASICS: A low impact, high intensity work out that isolates muscle groups and works them until they are burning, in a way you are unlikely to have experienced in any other class. You don’t have to be a ballerina either. I know this because I have the grace of a chimp in a tutu (cute maybe, but definitely no Swan Lake). THE BITCHES: … Read More Barre Core, BarreMIXED Class

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