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REVIEW: Holly PT, Totally Shredded Drum & Bass Workout

THE BASICS: Drum & Bass Workout is exactly what you’d expect, minus the sticky floors and vodka redbulls. Dark room, thumping drum & bass, disco lights, boxing and MMA/combat inspired moves at Motion Fitness Studios at The Pithay in the centre of the city. This workout is bangin’. £7 drop in (class passes available and also on MoveGB – as of October 2017). THE … Read More REVIEW: Holly PT, Totally Shredded Drum & Bass Workout


THE BASICS: Flex TV offers social home fitness in the form of a subscription service to an online portal that runs live classes throughout the day, and you attend them via your computer screen. Classes range from short HIIT sessions to yoga and dance, all available for you to do in your own home (or wherever you choose to sweat). It’s nice to know there … Read More REVIEW: Flex TV

BLOG: Running Tips For Idiots (like me)

As you may know, I’ve recently moved to Bristol, and as any sensible fitty in a new city would, I’ve decided to lace up my trainers and learn my way around via some new running routes. And I’ll be honest. It’s been pretty dismal to date. So far, so lost. I’ve been blessed with many things, but a sense of direction is definitely not one … Read More BLOG: Running Tips For Idiots (like me)


REVIEW: Best’s Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Best’s Bootcamp is a slick treadmill/weights/functional fitness HIIT style bootcamp, tucked up on Villiers street, a stone’s throw from Embankment Station. Their USP is that you have a constant, clear view of the trainer thanks to their 360 video tracking system. It’s pretty sweet. £20 for a drop in class, although packages are available. Your first class is a bargain at a … Read More REVIEW: Best’s Bootcamp


REVIEW: Groove Cycle

THE BASICS: Hidden within the hallowed grounds of what’s now known as Third Space in Canary Wharf, Groove Cycle is a large spin studio in the main gym. Classes have a strong element of dance and moving to the beat. Music was pop-py and uplifting, and it did feel like we were in some sort of carnival-spinning fusion. £16 per class, changing rooms are … Read More REVIEW: Groove Cycle

REVIEW: Seen on Screen Fitness- Sweat and Stretch Double

THE BASICS: “Dance Like a Star” Seen On Screen Fitness promises. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Think; dance teachers to the stars, feeling like you’re auditioning for FAME but actually getting a right proper workout in the process. It’s easy enough to follow if you’re uncoordinated, but challenging enough to make you feel like you’re performing in a musical. Their classes take … Read More REVIEW: Seen on Screen Fitness- Sweat and Stretch Double


REVIEW: Skinny Rebel Workout- Altitude Training

Skinny Rebel Workout. I have no words, but I’m gonna try. It’s a simple concept really- stick on an altitude mask, restrict your oxygen intake, and realise you’re really bad at that thing you do everyday without thinking- breathing. The mask is a little rubber mould that sits over your nose and mouth, strapped round the lower half of your face with soft stretchy … Read More REVIEW: Skinny Rebel Workout- Altitude Training

REVIEW: Shenda Falvey Fitness- North Greenwich Bootcamp

THE BASICS: Shenda Falvey bootcamps run most days on the grassy bit outside The Pilot, a short walk from North Greenwich station. This was an after work class which started on Wednesday at 7.30pm. For all days and times, check out the website. First class free, block book sessions available after that- £100 for 12 classes taken over 6 weeks (working out at… um… … Read More REVIEW: Shenda Falvey Fitness- North Greenwich Bootcamp

REVIEW: Pegasus Military Fitness- THE RETURN

It’s a Saturday, and I’ve been out of bed since 6.30am. I’m contemplating this early start while bent over double at the top of what felt like a vertical hill. I’ve just helped 3 people haul a core bag- aka Lazy Larry- up this hill. And my thighs are pretty confused at why they aren’t still snuggled in a duvet. . “There you go- … Read More REVIEW: Pegasus Military Fitness- THE RETURN

REVIEW: Body Con at Love Your Body Health Hub

(UPDATE: Love Your Body Health Hub is now unfortunately closed… But Sophie is still PT-ing and she is fippin’ brilliant!) It’s 7.10am and the Spice Girls are powering me through my box squat jumps. “I’m” [jump] “giving you eeeeverything” [jump] “alllll that joyyyyyyy can bring” [jump] “this I sweeaaar” [jump] My quads are screaming and I stop for a little rest. I’m impressed/annoyed by … Read More REVIEW: Body Con at Love Your Body Health Hub


REVIEW: Nike Women’s 10K

On Summer Solstice day 10,000 women got up, got dressed in day-glo salmony orange, and came together to celebrate running, sisterhood and living in the glorious city of London. The Nike Women’s 10k was a slick operation- Victoria Park in Hackney was taken over by an entire festival village dedicated to running, fuelling, and all things sporty. The bag drop was seamless- huge and … Read More REVIEW: Nike Women’s 10K

REVIEW: Healthy Living London Bootcamp

THE BASICS: A weekly bootcamp for Summer 2015, held at 7pm every Wednesday in Highbury Fields (furthest from Highbury & Islington Station- towards the tennis courts). Sessions are run by Healthy Living London writer and qualified PT Eliza. £6 for your first class, £14 a class thereafter (10 sessions for £100- bargain!) THE CLASS: There was a whiff of sunshine and everyone signed up … Read More REVIEW: Healthy Living London Bootcamp

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