REVIEW: Frame X-Train (TRX, Plyometrics, Weights)

THE BASICS: Frame Shoreditch- the funky, sexy gym that runs approximately 7 billion classes a week. They’ve overhauled one of their studios in 2015, and installed an TRX frame, meaning they can teach new class Frame X-Train. We went to check it out! (Class £15, booking essential)

THE BITCHES: Carly & Erin

Ah filters, our sweaty foreheads are forever in your debt.

Ah filters, our sweaty foreheads are forever in your debt.

THE CLASS: We work together and so had decided at about 3pm that day to get active this evening- booking Frame X-Train there on the spot. I met Erin at the studio. She’d tried the class before and told me although it was tricky, I woudl love it.

We were called in by our instructor and at least half the class were new. Phew. Erin ushered me over to the TRX frame first- it’s like a GIANT mecanno set with strap-devices hanging from it (for…. wait for it.. suspension training- so now you know). I was a tiny bit terrified.

The class is 45 minutes long, and it’s split into 3 parts which you repeat twice. You spend around 5 minutes on this TRX suspension training frame doing things like supported lunges and pull ups where you hang from the straps and haul yourself upwards- essentially your body becomes the weight you’re lifting. This instantly made me regret the giant lunch I’d eaten that day. It was making my pull ups even harder.

While you’re on one part, the rest of the class is split between the other workout “stations”- the plyometrics station (burpees, star jumps, squats… all the stuff that leaves you puffing and panting after a minute of each)  and the weights station. After 5 or so minutes, you all rotate around- we moved on from the TRX frame to the plyometrics station in the middle of the floor.

This is the sort of stuff you can swizz through in your room when you’ve got an extra 10 minutes before work. Burpees remain the enemy, especially after the TRX frame, but I managed to do more than 10 in a minute without swearing too loudly.

Final move onto the weights station. Just over 5 mins of arm, back and shoulder work along with squats and ab work- using free held weights. Our instructor floated around the stations keeping us all on our individual exercises with the skill of a fitness wizard. It was quite impressive to watch! At one point (about 4 minutes into the weights) I told him he was a horrible person for torturing us like this. He just gave me a big, satisfied grin. Frame- your instructors are evil. I like ’em.

And when you’ve visited all 3 stations? Quick rest- and then it’s time to GET YO’ ASS BACK ROUND THAT CIRCUIT! Yep- you have to do it all again. This ain’t playschool, ladies.

I’ll admit this was a killer, but breaking down stations and exercises into little sections like this, made them more manageable. Just when you are ready to start crying/pee down your leg from doing more star-jumps than a woman in her 30s really should, you’re onto the next movement or station, and forget all about the previous pain while you focus on the new.

Just time for a warm down when we’d finished 2x the 3 stations, and I mustered up enough energy to give Erin a wobbly little high-five.

Project HB Frame X-Train review

THE VERDICT: A varied class that keeps you interested and makes you feel strong and powerful. The instructor made class-instruction look like a beautiful art form, and I WANT a TRX frame to swing about on in my living room NOW.

THE EXTRAS: Apparently (according to Erin, who endures me in classes often) I didn’t whinge too much in this class. Usually I find the energy to cry or swear or tell Erin I hate her at least every couple of minutes. Looks Like Frame X-Train didn’t leave me with a single ounce of extra energy to grumble. Thanks Frame- Erin’s very grateful!!

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