THE BASICS: Best’s Bootcamp is a slick treadmill/weights/functional fitness HIIT style bootcamp, tucked up on Villiers street, a stone’s throw from Embankment Station. Their USP is that you have a constant, clear view of the trainer thanks to their 360 video tracking system. It’s pretty sweet. £20 for a drop in class, although packages are available. Your first class is a bargain at a tenner!


THE CLASS: I made the rookie error of getting off at Charing Cross station and so ran in late to this class – my tip to you is to go to Embankment if you can! It was dark, early and loud, and I was grumpy because of my tube delays, but we were straight on the treadmills and I didn’t really have a chance to dwell on my self-pity because I was running in the nightclub-red light, staring myself down in the shiny new mirrors.

The class takes a HIIT format; alternating between bursts of cardio and weight work. The whole class is either on the treadmill or on in the functional fitness area, so there isn’t what can be an intimidating mixture where half the class are running while the other half squat. That meant that instruction was clear which is super-important in these dark, loud HIIT studios!

Another reason it was nice and clear was because of the big screens which meant we could see the instructor whether we were on the treadmill or in the functional fitness areas. It was good to have a clear view instead of straining your ears for instruction or your neck to catch sight of what you should be doing. I really liked this aspect!

In terms of equipment, there was plenty of space and a well sticked rack that you could easily access. No worries about the weight you required not being there – everything was neat and in abundance. The treadmills had a funky feature which meant they could be set to a downhill gradient, and so towards the end of class, we were able to sprint downhill too, which is something I’ve never seen before!

The workout I did was lower body focused, and I could feel the fatigue as I ran for the final couple of times. It was the kind of place where you would be challenged to push yourself, but wouldn’t be called out for listening to your own body and working to your own personal max, even if that wasn’t as fast or as heavy as everyone else. I was grateful for that as I plodded along at a jog when my legs wouldn’t respond to my commands any longer!

THE VERDICT: Clean, slick and stylish with a couple of really unique elements that added to a fun workout (the trainer-screens and the funky gradiented treadmills). The changing rooms were well-stocked and great quality, too. I love anywhere with straighteners or with a place to plug my own in! It’s the little things, ladies… :D

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