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BLOG: So you want to be a fitness instructor?

It’s been 18 months since I qualified as a fitness instructor. It was a complete career overhaul and one I know lots of people consider when they really get into fitness as a hobby. That jump from passion to profession was as scary as it was exhilarating, and I’ve decided to share my journey so you can learn a thing or two if you’re … Read More BLOG: So you want to be a fitness instructor?


BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?

It started in September I’m not sure I like the concept of quick-fix diet and exercise programmes. I think they offer people a way to punish themselves, and I don’t think they’re a sustainable thing to keep up once they’re finished. Sure, they get results. But I’m not sure I like the journey they take someone on, nor the (psychological) destination they often lead someone to. … Read More BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?

REVIEW: Animal Prime

THE BASICS: Animal Prime is a class designed to help you move like you’re meant to. Whaddya mean you know how to move? I mean reeeeally move. Like humans did when we were basically animals. Y’know, running around barefoot and using our knuckles and clubbing wooolly mammoths and stuff. Stay with me. Look, nowadays we squish our bodies in shoes and sit at desks … Read More REVIEW: Animal Prime

REVIEW: The Running School

I was invited to The Running School to have my running style analysed using their video technology, and improved with the help of resident expert Nick. As you may know, I host a running club every month and have a funny old relationship with running, so I was interested to see if this could help me improve for the running club, and enjoy the … Read More REVIEW: The Running School


REVIEW: Extreme Kettlebells, MoreFit

THE BASICS: MoreFit offers “Small Group Personal Training” – a dedicated PT taking either individuals or only a few people at a time through their paces. They offer lots of classes in several studios, some super-centrally located for city-workers. I visited Cannon Street, and took a group class. You can get 4 group sessions for £60 as a newbie, and check out their prices … Read More REVIEW: Extreme Kettlebells, MoreFit


REVIEW: Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training

THE BASICS: How does one describe Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training? Hmmm. It’s like…. a powerplate machine. But with wires. And kind of like getting a tattoo without hurting to much. It has to be felt to fully appreciate it. But know this: You get into a damp suit, electric pulses get zinged through your muscles thousands of times a minute, and you … Read More REVIEW: Exerceo Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training

REVIEW: Healthy Living London Bootcamp

THE BASICS: A weekly bootcamp for Summer 2015, held at 7pm every Wednesday in Highbury Fields (furthest from Highbury & Islington Station- towards the tennis courts). Sessions are run by Healthy Living London writer and qualified PT Eliza. £6 for your first class, £14 a class thereafter (10 sessions for £100- bargain!) THE CLASS: There was a whiff of sunshine and everyone signed up … Read More REVIEW: Healthy Living London Bootcamp

Mother’s Meeting, Nike 1948 Gym

THE BASICS: The Nike 1948 showroom hidden in a Shoreditch archway, that runs a free class timetable all week! On Wednesdays, the clothing racks get pushed back and the arch celebrates its full glorious sweaty potential by becoming a work out space! The Mother’s Meeting (a group for “The world’s coolest mums”- although they don’t discriminate against us childless types!) put on an hour … Read More Mother’s Meeting, Nike 1948 Gym

Free Hot & Happy Bootcamp- the Albany Club

Super excited- we have another guest review! This review was written by the delightful Nid, who took on the challenge becoming not only a Hot B*tch but a Free and Happy one too! Here’s how she fared….   THE BASICS: Nikkita and Becky are the Free, Hot & Happy ladies.  Nikkita is a personal trainer who uses interval training workouts to help tone up muscle … Read More Free Hot & Happy Bootcamp- the Albany Club

Pegasus Military Fitness Session

THE BASICS: Pegasus Military Fitness meet several times a week in Chingford and Loughton. I went to the 9am Chingford/Epping Forest session. TRUST ME-it is was worth leaving the house at 7.45am on a Saturday for. First session free, £5 PAYG thereafter, or membership options available.  THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: I had attempted to join the Pegasus guys a few weeks earlier and … Read More Pegasus Military Fitness Session

Army Boot Camp Fitness

THE BASICS: Army Boot Camp Fitness offers 1hr group PT fitness sessions in Highbury Fields with some ex-soldiers who work you hard but treat you fairly. They also run sessions in London Fields and Wanstead Park. First taster class is free before deciding on membership options. I attended the Monday night Highbury session. It was cold. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: I was a bit … Read More Army Boot Camp Fitness

London Fields Fitness, Sapan’s Booty Camp

THE BASICS: I put a call out on Twitter for unusual classes to attend. London Fields Fitness replied. “Try Sapan’s Bootycamp” Twitter said. “You can’t quite put it into words, but just go” Twitter said. Twitter was right. There is no way I can describe this class, accept to say that my stomach still hurts, not from sit ups but from laughter. £5 on … Read More London Fields Fitness, Sapan’s Booty Camp

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