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BLOG: Pactster Interview

We received a lovely email from Imme and recently, telling us all about Pactster- a new way to workout with friends online. You choose a workout video, sign up, and up to 4 of you can take the class from your respective houses, watching the same thing at the same time and chat via video too! We fell in love with the idea instantly- … Read More BLOG: Pactster Interview

Project Fit

THE BASICS: Project Fit is so new, it smells new-car new. It’s one of those hidden, unexpected gym spaces under the austere buildings just off the Royal Exchange at bank, promising to put you through your paces in a series of weight, resistance, circuit and treadmill intervals. Its aim? To squeeze every last drop of sweat you have in your body… well… out of … Read More Project Fit

Free Hot & Happy Bootcamp- the Albany Club

Super excited- we have another guest review! This review was written by the delightful Nid, who took on the challenge becoming not only a Hot B*tch but a Free and Happy one too! Here’s how she fared….   THE BASICS: Nikkita and Becky are the Free, Hot & Happy ladies.  Nikkita is a personal trainer who uses interval training workouts to help tone up muscle … Read More Free Hot & Happy Bootcamp- the Albany Club

Food for thought (well, mainly for belly)

Something that I don’t talk about often enough on here is the food I shove into my gob, which is odd seeing as food is what fuels me whilst attending all of these classes. Rather fortuitously, a couple of weeks ago I met possibly the most happy person on the planet- Dione. She breezed into the Project HB networking night and lit up the … Read More Food for thought (well, mainly for belly)

Guest Blog! London Dance Academy, Acrobatics Class

Welcoming guest blogger Claire to Project HB THE BASICS: Fitness Freak makes it really easy to find and sign up to classes you might not normally go to. With that, I found myself wondering what you wear to an acrobatics class and whether it would matter that I can’t really reach my toes. £12 a session at the London Dance Academy. 8:15pm on Wednesdays. Lasts … Read More Guest Blog! London Dance Academy, Acrobatics Class

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