THE BASICS: Hidden within the hallowed grounds of what’s now known as Third Space in Canary Wharf, Groove Cycle is a large spin studio in the main gym. Classes have a strong element of dance and moving to the beat. Music was pop-py and uplifting, and it did feel like we were in some sort of carnival-spinning fusion. £16 per class, changing rooms are like a hotel bedroom and even have ironing boards!


THE CLASS: I walked into the Reebok gym like a petty thief would sneak onto a super-yacht. Here I was, signing in, and no one was escorting me off the premises! There was a bit of a hoo-hah because I was a ClassPass member and not an actual member I guess, so I had to wait around for a few minutes while someone went to fetch a key (?).

I’d suggest leaving 10 extra minutes to sign-in in case the same happens to you.

Groove Cycle is up the stairs and cased within glass walls on the gym floor, where they pulled the curtains as we filtered in and chose our bikes. You could fit about 70 people into this space at full capacity I reckon.

Groove Cycle Review Project HBAs my class was on a Sunday, it was full enough to sing along to Beyonce during class without drawing too much attention to yourself, but wasn’t that awful so-packed-you-touch-another-person’s-sweat.

Our instructor Joey was absolutely on fire from the momennt she started the class, which I was very impressed with, especially considering it was the sort of time on a Sunday one might otherwise be sitting down to a roast dinner. She was enthusiastic and it at times it felt like she was leading us through a street party rather than a class once we got going.

It was all you’d expect of an indoor cycling class, with the added element of some pretty ferocious dance moves, and so each song felt slightly more choreographed than some of the more technical indoor cycle classes you might have previously experienced. This was the dance element coming through!

Groove Cycle Review Project HBThe dance element brought with it a couple of unfamiliar new moves for me to get to grips with, especially around one-hand-in-the-air movements, which certainly challenged my balance and ability to keep up with the beat! But it wasn’t a big deal and it certainly fitted the dance-y, carnival street party vibe that Joey built up while we sweated.

There was emphasis on keeping in time and making like a bit of a choreographed dance for each song, which I really liked. It might not suit the pure spinners amongst you who like to think in the context of hill climbs and roads while you pedal, but it was an enjoyable new way to think about being on a bike.

After class I could do nothing but walk away from my bike like a cowboy in tight trousers. I was spent. I headed home happy, having finally seen what the inside of the Church of Reebok looked like, with a street carnival rhythm to my cowboy step.

Groove Cycle Review Project HB

THE VERDICT: Friendly, rhythmic, energetic and in a really nice studio. This would make a great introduction to indoor cycling if you’re looking to pop your spinning cherry.

THE EXTRAS: There were some pretty neat lighting tricks during this class, so wear your neons and whites to this class if you want to be glowing like you’re at a rave. Why anyone wouldn’t want to wear clothes that glowed is beyond me, frankly.

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