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BLOG: #SweatYourselfAmazing at Hot Yoga Society: The Round-Up

Back in June, I signed up for the #SweatYourselfAmazing challenge at Hot Yoga Society. I did it for two reasons.  Firstly I wanted to enjoy a last, heartfelt hurrah to the first studio that really got me into fitness and wellbeing, before I moved out of my beloved London town. And secondly,  I did it because by taking part, you had to set an intention with … Read More BLOG: #SweatYourselfAmazing at Hot Yoga Society: The Round-Up


BLOG: Sweating Myself Authentic with Hot Yoga Society

Hot Yoga Society (HYS) have launched a new campaign called “Sweat Yourself Amazing“. The idea is nestled in the sanskrit word ‘Sankalpa”, which in layman’s terms means a notion, idea or intention formed in the heart or mind, and a solemn vow or determination to make that intention happen. Hot Yoga Society-er Naomi explains about Sankalpa far more beautifully than me over on the … Read More BLOG: Sweating Myself Authentic with Hot Yoga Society


REVIEW: Yotopia- Hot Ballet

It’s 7.30am and I’m trying to remember what a plie is supposed to look like. Our incredibly serene teacher Lizzie is calmly instructing us through a series of elegant ballet positions, all of which make my muscles shake. The bead of sweat trickling down my back indicates to me that I’m probably not going to be a ballerina when I grow up. Nevertheless, this dabble with … Read More REVIEW: Yotopia- Hot Ballet

Hot Power Yoga

THE BASICS: Hot Power Yoga offers hot (warm rather than piping hot) yoga in a happy, approachable, airy ground floor studio, flooded with light. The community classes are those run to allow almost-newly-qualified yoga instructors who have been training at the studio, to run 30 mins classes in front of Real Live Students! Each class is 90 mins, and 3 teachers take a 30 … Read More Hot Power Yoga

Fierce Grace, Classic 39 class

THE BASICS: Fierce Grace is a new studio and a new yoga practice. Michele Pernetta, the woman behind this studio, brought Bikram over to the UK in 1994 (to put this into context,: 2 Unlimited were at the top of the charts. We are OLD). Fierce Grace yoga combines 5 interconnected yoga practices, with one toe still dipped in the pool of Bikram sweat. The … Read More Fierce Grace, Classic 39 class

Hot Yoga Society, Candlelit Hot Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga Society was known as Hot Bikram Yoga (HBY) previously. I took this class when it was called HBY! Now- where were we…. ah yes… THE BASICS: Hot Yoga Society (or HBY as it was formerly known) London Bridge  is tucked down Magdalen Street, between London and Tower Bridges. During the class itself, you’ll complete the 26 postures series that is Bikram Yoga. … Read More Hot Yoga Society, Candlelit Hot Bikram Yoga

Hotpod Yoga, Hackney

THE BASICS: There are several “pods” around London and the rest of the UK, offering intimate yoga classes in heated,  softly glowing, inflatable pods. I went to Hotpod Yoga in Hackney, located in a room at the top of the Trampery complex, on Mare Street E8. It’s accessible through the “Look Mum No Hands” cafe in the Trampery. £12 per single drop in class, discounts … Read More Hotpod Yoga, Hackney

Yotopia, Gentle Flow Yoga Class

THE BASICS: Yotopia is a yoga, hot yoga and pilates studio, offering a little slice of serenity close to Covent Garden. A drop in 75 minute class was £15. If you’re new to the studio, you can bag yourself a £35 ten day class pass. THE BITCHES: Carly and Nicola THE CLASS: Nicola and I had been looking for a new flow yoga class … Read More Yotopia, Gentle Flow Yoga Class

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