REVIEW: Core Collective – Resistance Class

THE BASICS: Core Collective is a brand new, incredibly stylish and sexy gym close to Kensington High Street Station where you can choose one of three classes: Resistance (TRX) Velocity (high intensity interval class) or Accelerate (spin). IMG_4163It’s a no-fee, drop in or buy-a-package class which means no contract and you can dip in and out whenever you like. It also has a lazy, relaxed open lounge area before you get into the studios which offer some delicious health, high protein meals, shakes, juices and snacks. It really is quite swish. First class FREE, £26 per class when you buy a 5 class pass. £28 for a single drop in (eye-watering!)IMG_4181THE BITCHES: Carly & Eliza THE CLASS: I admit, I was intimidated when I walked in here. I know that’s everything to do with me and my own insecurities, but I did a big gulp and texted my friend with little scared message that I wasn’t cool enough to be here. Her reply nailed it: “DON’T BE INTIMIDATED!! STRUT ABOUT LIKE YOU OWN THE F–KING PLACE!! BE A HOT BITCH!” IMG_4158That was all I needed, and I got over my stupid worries instantly, and remembered the WHOLE point of Project HB is to make scared girls feel brave and confident in themselves- so that’s what I damn well did. IMG_4160I bounced across the gorgeous lounge area, full of Hot Bitchiness enthusiasm, and waited at reception for Eliza, one of the Healthy Living London girls who I was doing the class with. When she turned up, she was looking incredibly glam! She’d just had her pre-wedding make-up and hair appointment, and was attempting the class in FAKE EYELASHES. Kudos where it’s due- this woman deserves utter respect. IMG_4186We were shown down to the BEEEA-UTIFUL changing rooms and studio. We preened a bit in there and then headed down the corridor to a dark, night-clubby room at the back. It had TRXs hanging from the ceiling. It was like some kind of dungeon of sexy, stylish sweaty torture. Clearly the kind of place I like to hang out. Tudor the trainer was waiting for us in the smallish, dark and seriously pumping studio. He was a giant of a man, and showed us every circuit on the TRX before we tried it (TRX is straps attached to tall rigging, with handles that you hang your body weight off, to create resistance). He obviously made it look effortless… couldn’t have been further from the truth! He showed us 6 exercises, all suspended in some way from the TRX… We tried. We sweated. We panted. We had water. We got back on it. IMG_4184In the end, we did two circuits where our hands supported us (gripping onto the TRX), and two circuits where the TRX held or feet up and our legs were suspended above the ground. They got harder and harder. I was very surprised at how much I sweated despite the lack of cardio- it literally pouring off my forehead in the end! One thing I did learn- Resistance at Core Collective makes participants pull some pretty amazing faces. Eliza and I varied between bug-eyed, puffy-faced and slack-jawed. We looked rather special by the end of the class. And the eyelashes? They survived! Note to self- get a wedding make-over before every class for maximum glam as you leave the studio. IMG_4167THE VERDICT: A stunning studio that everyone should be brave enough to visit- OWN IT, girl! An incredibly challenging class that was well timed to stretch and exhaust you, while leaving you feeling pumped and like you’ve achieved a really strong workout. THE EXTRAS: Lobo, the 10 week olf Akita puppy lazily snoozing in reception as we left was the BEST! IMG_4185   IMG_4178

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