REVIEW: Workplay Bags: Goddess III Gym Bag

I first heard about Workplay Bags a couple of years ago when incredibly likeable founder and bag designer Guy gave a talk at a runner’s conference. He was full of enthusiasm, and a real character- I loved how passionate he was about designing and creating women’s gym bags after really listening to what we want out of a bag.

IMG_4124 I’ve done a little promoting for them since, handing out leaflets at events and holding a give-away to spread their brand, because I just loved their ethos and their dedication to creating these bags. So I feel rather overwhelmed and humbled to have been gifted a Goddess III bag to use and review- I’d never expected to be so lucky, and Guy’s kindness was utterly overwhelming!

IMG_4105When the bag arrived at my office, I let out let out a little squeak and opened it to lots of “oooohs” from the girls I work with. It is BIG- once you open it out and start exploring all of the little pockets, you realise how many bits expand or work cleverly. It’s got three main pockets with lots of smaller bits to investigate- but essentially you’ve got a side for shoes, a side for washing and beautifying bits, and the main section for clothes and the kitchen sink.

IMG_4111I then proceeded to put all the things from my tired old gym bag into the new bag, until my General Manager looked over at me with a look that simply said “are you going to do any work today?” Obviously I carried on preening the bag until I had finished in my own time. Don’t come between me and my gym gear, boss.

IMG_4116The bag covers EVERYTHING you would ever need. A pocket for a £1 coin for your locker, a strap for your lock, a bag for shoes, a pouch you can turn inside out for wet clothes (so clever), a beauty wash bag that fits percectly into one of the side pockets, and a list of stuff you might need written on the the inside flap which at first I thought I’d never look at but which has saved me on two occasions already (spare pants, anyone?!)

IMG_4166I have carried my bag round like a newborn baby at my side for a short while now, and genuinely get annoyed when someone wants me to vacate a seat so they can sit where my Goddess III has been perched. It’s beautiful enough to need its own seat, ok?!

IMG_4128I’ve never taken so much care in getting my gym kit together, and love the fact that now I have such a lovely piece of kit I can leave it permanently packed and just pick it up and sling it over my shoulder as I leave the house, in case I decide to go to the gym that night.

IMG_4229I’ve had some lovely comments too. This bag is no shrinking violet; It’s bright pink and nearly as big as me, which I absolutely love because it feels solid and can fit literally everything in it. So friends have spotted me and Goddess coming from a mile off. We are fast becoming best friends!

IMG_4227(See- I even take it with me on my regular panda-hugging escapades).

It’s a funny one writing reviews when you’ve been gifted something- as you write them, you sit there thinking “will the people reading this think I’m writing positive stuff just because I got something as a gift? Will I be as genuine as if I’d paid for this with my hard earned dolla?” And so I hope with this review, what comes across is my my honest love of this brand, these bags and the really humble, nice people behind them.

IMG_4120Running a blog is amazing because I get some really wonderful opportunities to try things out, and I am always careful to make sure I remember how grateful I am for chances like this.

In getting this Goddess III, I know I’ve been very lucky, and the above review is what I’d have said this about Workplay Bags regardless of how it ended up in my grubby mitts. Thank you, Workplay Bags, she’s a stunner!

(And proof below that it even looks good when you make the boy in your life carry it round for you)

IMG_4223The Goddess III costs £79.99, with smaller Minigym gym bags for £44.99 and Gymwise commuter rucksacks for £49.99.

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