I’m getting a bit tired of having to defend the name of this blog.

Some of you- you get it. And I guess the good thing is, I only really want this happy, inspirational little community to consist of people who “get it”- otherwise I’m trying to fake something to attract a larger group of people, and not being genuine in the process. My absolute biggest driver in this whole Project (other than getting sweaty), is to be real.

But here’s the thing thats peeing me off. The number of people who learn that I run a blog, and then ask what it’s called and then pull a face when I tell them. “Bitch?” they say “What made you choose that name?!”

Or “I find that quite insulting, actually”.

Or who take the time to tell me I’m a bitch for choosing to use the word bitch.

Or who tell me I’m the worst sort of woman there is out there.

Or my favourite: “have you thought about changing your name to something a bit more… commercial?” This is the one that makes me want to flump my forehead against the nearest desk and let out a long, loud groan.


A word is just that- a word
Some people need to get over word, “Bitch”. Yes, it can be spat out negatively.

Being “bitchy”- is to show jealousy or insecurity. To me, a Hot Bitch celebrates other women’s’ successes, and is confident and secure. She isn’t bitchy.

Fat/Stupid/Ugly/Thick Bitch- this is when the word “bitch” becomes nasty. And usually said by someone who’s lashing out at a woman and seeking a way to instantly undermine her. Usually by someone who’s threatened by a woman doing something utterly abhorent like… I dunno… being successful. Or knowing what she wants. Or standing up for herself.

Let’s keep this simple: “Project Hot Bitch” puts the word HOT before the word BITCH. For a bit of a laugh, and so I don’t ever start to take myself too seriously. If you think calling someone a “Hot Bitch” is akin to calling someone bitchy, or an ugly bitch, please just… go away.

I don’t want to sell out
I am not trying to be commercial. So I don’t want to change the blog name to something more mediocre, in order to attract companies who will dictate what I write about, in exchange for cash. I’m having fun, enjoying myself, meeting lovely people, and hopefully encouraging and inspiring women to search out that inner HB.

Yes, I do love a freebie and feel SO lucky to get offered goodies through this blog, but I still pay for the majority of classes I attend. That means I’m writing for my love of fitness and happiness and building a community. Not for a wage or for freebies.

I want to grow this community, without losing any of this genuine sparkle. I want it to be an organic thing. And I’m in no rush. Can everyone just chill out over the name not being “commercially viable”?!


From “Ignore Everybody” by Hugh MacLeod (http://gapingvoid.com/)

And on that note- I don’t want a mediocre name
I’m not trying to make this blog everything to everybody, either. I want to surround myself with likeminded women, who love what I love. Not everyone. Just the ones who get it.

The blog name challenges assumptions
I secretly love turning up to a class looking NORMAL (and a bit nervous?!) and having the teacher who invited me failing to hide their surprise that some uber-sassy, perfectly coiffered babe hasn’t just bounced into the room.

Hello there folks! I’m Carly and I’m a real person. I have decided to think of myself as a damn hot bitch because inside I’m a bit nervous and a bit under-confident, and it helps me strut into a room with an air of conviction about myself.

After I’ve walked into that room and been a normal person as opposed to.. (what is a hot bitch meant to be like exactly?) this is the bit where it gets really good. I’ve seen a many an instructor struggle to hide their initial surprise (and at times, disappointment!) that a loud, brash diva didn’t just march into the studio, they often say to me at the end of class “oh my god! I didn’t know what to expect! I mean, I thought you were going to be a bit scary, or a bit more…. well…. loud! But you are actually so nice and normal!”.

The beauty of Project Hot Bitch: once people have seen the normal human behind the name, they tend to understand that the name doesn’t belong to some ball-breaking misandry. It’s meant to be a bit light-hearted, cheeky and fun. And then they tend to get it.

“Project Hot Bitch” is memorable
I’ve never said “Project Hot Bitch” and not had a reaction. Even if you hate me, you hate fitness, you hate happiness and you hate women, you’ll probably have some reaction to the name. More likely than not, you’ll remember it too. Which is satisfying.

It makes the people I want to inspire, laugh
Some people burst out laughing and love the name. They say “yes gal!” and give me a high five. We are on the same wavelength, and I’m writing for you. We get each other.

If you don’t get it, we’re just not meant to be. And that’s fair enough!
Imagine spending all of your time walking into a room and having immediately justify that you’re a nice person whose likes being happy. People would probably be a bit overwhelmed, and want the chance to form their own opinion of you.

Well, I’ve realised it’s actually better to walk into a room and- rather than try to impress- instead to just BE YOURSELF, putting trust into the fact that those who like you will gravitate towards you.

I feel the same about Project Hot Bitch. I don’t want to have to defend the name, begging people to like the blog or what it stands for. I’d quite like to lay it open for all to see, be genuine, be authentic, and if you get it, then let’s work out, girl! And to those who don’t? Meh. We’re just not quite right for each other. Fair enough.

Project HB is about THIS, people! If you get it, you get it. End of.

Project HB is about THIS, people! If you get it, you get it. End of.

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  1. Bravo, Carly! There is no negative connotation to be drawn from being called a Hot Bitch. If I were referred to as such, I would be very proud!

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