The trek to Walthamstow was a frantic one in order to get to the special location. I power walked 20 minutes from Walthamstow Central, through the borough I first lived in when I arrived in London 10 years ago, barely recognising it. But there was no time to marvel at Walthamstow Village. I had a yoga class and dinner date in a junkyard to attend, thanks to Yoga Supper Club


Yoga Supper Club is the brainchild of instructor Kelly, an incredible Girl Boss if ever I met one. She qualified as a yoga teacher in early 2015 and then went about creating her dream business of teaching yoga classes, eating brilliant food, and meeting new friends.

(Kelly second from and some fellow neon-blissed out yogis)

(Kelly second from right, and some of our other fellow neon-blissed out yogis)

Yoga Supper Club promises just that. A glorious three hour evening of a super-fun yoga class in a quirky, unique space, followed by a delicious, vegeterian 3 course meal served while you get to know your fellow yogis. Their regular events are advertised on their facebook page.


The chance to do this in God’s Own Junkyard was too much to resist. It’s an awesome, ethereal warehouse up in an industrial park in Walthamstow, and the only way to describe it is like an dreamland- think interesting and strange antiques, and thousands of zingy, bright, beautiful neon lights.


The class was set in the event space next door (The Blitz Factory) and this space in itself was pretty special.


The class was so much fun. 80s tunes enhanced the fast, sweaty practice which started with core work (hello sit-ups?!) and Kelly was a funny, relaxed teacher who really brought joy to our movements. Jokes, chilled vibes and a challenging class including balances and handstands- it suited the venue perfectly.


Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review

Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review

Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard ReviewAfter the class and savasana, we headed into the wonderland of God’s Own Junkyard next door. It was magical, and we had the chance to wonder round, wide-eyed, before we settled down with prosecco and waited for dinner.

Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review


Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review

The dinner table was laid out and we got settled and chatting. My yoga buddy was Anoushka, who when we eventually got the chance to speak to her a bit more, I asked her what she did. Ready for the BEST line I’ve ever heard in answer to that question? “I’m an anethsetist!” she said, pausing to think about it. “Actually, I’m pretty shit hot at it!”

After I finished laughing, we instantly became buddies. Anoushka, you are a legend, and definitely an HB!

Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review

And that was that really. Lots of relaxed chat, I usually suffer from a bit of shyness in these situations but I felt SO happy and so at home surrounded by yogis in this magical space. Courses were brought out and they were absolutely delightful. All veggie and very moreish. The polenta chips were like the recipe from heaven. Like, seriously, the yoga zen nearly became a fist-fight to claim the last chip!

Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review


There’s not much more to say really. Except that the ticket was just under £38 with booking fee, and you know what? I advocate free or super cheap fitness, and £38 is basically a weeks shopping bill to someone as thrifty as me.

But… It was great value when you consider the amazing experience, a chance to meet new friends, a workout, a three-course meal, and the fact it was a whole evening out.

So- it might be a bit pricey when you’re thinking about it in terms of how much you’d pay for an individual class, but keeping it in relative terms- it’s a whole night out and worth every single penny. I’m looking forward to more quirky locations, delicious meals and good company at future YSCs!

Yoga Supper Club Gods Own Junkyard Review

(Project Neon Flashing Light “Hot” B*tch)


Images: some are my own, and some are from Yoga Supper Club’s Facebook page. All images are taken at God’s Own Junkyard or The Blitz Factory.

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