Training Through Winter!

During the winter months, I am guilty of doing the following, and only the following:

Eating pie
Eating stew
Eating puddings
Wearing my onesie
Watching boxsets
Sleeping for 12 hours at a time

Yep- winter makes me want to do 100% of the above, every day. And nothing else. My fitness mojo is ruined. Rain, cold and wind- YOU MAKE ME FEEL AS MOTIVATED AS A FROZEN SLUG.

So- when THIS bad boy popped into my twitter feed from the clearly more motivated blogger Keep it Simpelle, I put down my bowl of pie and took note. This is how I am going to keep motivated to run throughout the winter. By signing up for a 10k run in February!!!

Winter Run
And you can join me too. Tickets cost £39 per person until 15th December 2014 (and go up to £45 after that). You can sign up by CLICKING HERE. However, if you enter the above code and you receive a £3 discount on the £39 earlybird price. This essentially means you can stuff your face with turkey and still feel smug in the fact that you are doing a 10km exactly 38 days later (er- although I would suggest some training in between turkey munching and 1st February).

Also, you are, like, totally pre-empting your new years resolution to get fitter by signing up for this. “Hey! You! Yeah, Mr. New Year’s Resolution!! How d’ya like THIS??!!!”

15,00 people are expected on the day, and snow-zones will be dotted around the route (below). There are POLAR BEAR HUGS and a winter warmer zone at the finish line. You heard me right, you get a hug from a polar bear (caveat: this may be a man in a polar bear suit. But to be fair if it was a real polar bear then you would be running 10km with the sole purpose of getting mauled and eaten by a carnivore. Which would be silly).

winter run route

One small fact I should mention- I will have arrived back from a sun drenched island the day before this run, and so although in my head I will arrive looking tanned and smug, it will probably be the case that you can soundly mock me for looking completely shocked at the cold weather and jetlag combo!

Look forward to seeing you at the start line, you hardcore hotties, you.

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