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I was kindly given these yummy milk free, gluten free, soya protein fruit drinks by the peeps at Everything But The Cow, and had been wanting to taste them and review them for you since I received them (I know, the things I do for you, it really is so selfless). I liked the story behind the product too- three women experimenting in their kitchen and launching a product. I adore the female race!

Alas, I was on a 5 day detox when I received them, and so have been patiently staring at them all week in the fridge. I knew they were natural, good for you and not about to screw up the detox, but they weren’t on my strict list of things I was allowed to scoff that week, and so I tested my will-power and resisted their brightly coloured yumminess for FIVE WHOLE DAYS.

Anyone who has met me knows that I’m unable to deny myself something I want to eat for more than 14 seconds of  ineffective deliberation. So I think I did pretty darn well to resist these bad boys for five days.

I decided to try a yellow banana and kiwi drink for brekkie on the first day off my detox, and then the orange and mango one after exercise the following day. Red strawberry and raspberry would be my Monday morning kick start to the working week.

Everything But The Cow

So, what did I think of these little cartons of nom?  Banana and kiwi set me off for the day on Saturday before the Write This Run Conference (which was great- thanks guys!) and I thought it was very palitable. It was a nice experience to have a drink with a milky consistency and not feel crappy afterwards because of the crap in normal milk. The banana flavour definitely came through more than the kiwi, but the whole taste was fruity in a delicate way. There was no prang of overpowering sweetness either, which again was appreciated when the tastebuds are still waking up.

Orange and mango was waiting for me upon returning from my Sunday morning meander (some may call this a run but I don’t like to exaggerate). This was my favourite flavour- the mango was the stronger of the two flavours, and this drink seemed to have more of a sweetness to it- although nothing synthetic or unpalatable, just really juicy. These little drinks claim to be super duper fruity and this definitely was. 

On Monday it was just TOO cold to get out of bed on time. Thus I had the usual morning “I’m late I’m late I’m late” power walk to the bus stop whilst frantically thinking of an excuse for why I was going to be late for the 73rd day in a row.

Strawberry and raspberry Everything But The Cow shake was devoured at the bus stop; I was pleased to find that it was subtly fruity. I generally expect something that’s got strawberry in it to be cloyingly sweet or synthetic, and in the same way raspberries often bring a tartness to a flavour. This drink balanced both fruits out, and although it didn’t help me think of a convincing excuse for being late, but it did brighten up my Monday and fill my belly.

I liked these little drinks a lot- I’m a big soya drinker anyway, and only really have normal milk in a cuppa. They were the satisfying thickness of milkshake but without the heaviness of milk, and fruity without being synthetic or too sweet. Fat free, dairy free, gulten free and still felt like a treat. A huge NOM is certainly deserved!

These drinks made me happy. Would love to see them in big cartons in the future

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