REVIEW: Chloe Manlay Nutritional Therapist- KICKSTARTER workshop

I first met Chloe at lululemon Islington (happy memories!) She had a leopard print undercut and a passion for yoga. Adore.

We’ve been fitness pals for a couple of years now, bumping into each other at yoga classes and events, and sharing the odd brainstorm about Big Hairy Audacious Goals!

During this time, she’s been growing her network as a Nutritional Therapist, and so I felt really lucky to be invited to take part in Chloe’s January inspired Kickstarter programme- her 90 minute group session where we learned about her 7 day nutrition programme before spending the next week completing it.

Chloe’s securing a permanent venue for future workshops, but his one took place in her friends lovely flat (along with these 2 little softies).

Doggy in bandana

It was a nice, intimate group of 4 of us plus Chloe, although her classes will be able to take a few more more when the new venue’s chosen! The size made it comfortable to chat about our individual issues such as bloating, PMS, and skin breakouts in the contexts of our diets, and what we hoped to improve upon.

Chloe was so relaxed as she gave her advice, it was really easy to take it all in and apply to my own individual needs and lifestyle. She wasn’t trying to hammer home a message or fill us full of facts. She introduced things as you’d expect someone trained in the nutritional medical model to- scientifically. However, it wasn’t as complicated as I expected something like this to be.

She covered the topic of blood sugar levels first- insulin production, energy spikes and drops, why they happened, and the effects they have on us. Then we discussed hormonal imbalances and the way diets can affect hormones both positively and negatively. We looked at some simple diagrams which helped make sense of what we’d learned. And then- it was our chance to choose some goals to set ourselves for our diets, and our lifestyles (to positively impact on those diet goals, and help us to achieve them).

The whole thing was interlinked- Chloe was guiding us through the layers from scientific theory to the everyday application of what we’d learned- in a really sensible way. The way she taught supported her ethos of making things realistic, and tailored to each person’s individual rhythm. She wasn’t asking us to make crazy life changes. Her proposals were easy to work into our routines.

The last part of the session is the 7 day programme itself! We left the workshop armed with smoothie and meal recipes (which we now understood the basic principles behind) and a shopping list that wasn’t scarily long or expensive. Chloe has been emailing us throughout the week to keep us on rack, motivated, and to feed little bits of extra relevant info on our journeys.

Let see how we get on….!

Chloe Manlay Nutritional Therapy and Project HB

(Chloe will be confirming workshop intentions soon, and we’ll update this post when they’re location and timings are set in stone. In the meantime, you can book 1:1 consultation with her through her website)

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    • I’m sorry to hear that! Food and I have a complex relationship- either I abuse it or it abuses me, usually. This session helped me quite a bit actually! Xx

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