Gymluxe/Project HB Photo Shoot

The website has been going from strength to strength lately, and I realised it was probably about time I started to represent Project HB in a slightly more professional light than just instagramming photos of my daily lunch and sweaty face.

It was time to get some proper photographs taken! I wanted the mood of the photoshoot to reflect the ethos behind what the Project HB community is fast becoming- fun, sassy, and not taking itself too seriously, but also genuine female body empowerment.

Without meaning to sound all Oprah on you, Project HB is about shouting loud and proud about how cool it is to be a woman who loves her body. Because yes we may stand infront of the mirror, suck in our tummies or lament our lack of thigh gap (the most f*cking stupid thing I have ever heard of, by the way) but part of the beauty of wanting to treat your body nicely with healthy food and a sheen of sweat on your forehead, means that you are gorgeous by default.

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 1

I had a good look online to see what sort of brand embodied the above feelings, and stumbled upon Gymluxe.

This brand is perfect for what Project HB is all about. And before I write anymore, I just want to point out that I approached Gymluxe about this photoshoot, and not the other way round. So- I am not being bribed or endorsed to wax lyrical in anyway. I am, however about to wax lyrical, so prepare yourselves.

Gymluxe sprang into life earlier this year, with the intention of making gym clobber something that felt fashionable and sexy to wear whilst you’re busy working up a sweat. It turns workout attire into something that little bit more feminine, bold, fashionable, and strong.

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 2

Take their diamond cut leggings with breathable mesh panels cut out, adding an edge of practicality but also looking unusual and allowing you to create a statement with your choice of gym wear. These leggings are fast becoming Gymluxe’s statement piece, and I was delighted to get my grubby mitts on a pair after weeks of website lust.

And their power mesh t-shirts, with cutaways of silky mesh that glides over your body, manages to make the wearer look edgy and sexy whist still looking like a serious woman on a fitness mission. I loved these clothes as soon as I saw them, and after learning a little more about the Gymluxe ethos, and realising that British olympic medalists had been championing them, I decided that they were going to be perfect for the feeling I wanted to create in this here photoshoot.

The clothes I wore for the shoot were the mesh cutaway full length diamond cut leggings, the sculpted thin strap drape vest in fuscia pink (with a beautiful play on the usual vest-back; two overlaying halves of fabric that allowed you to move around comfortably, and created am almost shell like opening), and the incredibly comfortable 1/3 quarter length Luxe box sweat, which was cottony and soft and again allowed me to move around unrestricted.

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 4

I felt so lovely in these clothes, I imagined that I would almost feel too bad to sully them with my gross sweat if I was to do a workout in them! Although I wasn’t going to be working out in them, I had a good look at them from a practical perspective before popping them on, to see how I thought they might fare. Workout clothes aint no good if you can’t work out in them, after all.

I was definitely impressed, functionality wise. The garments had breathability built into them (through clever seam openings, paneling, and the choice of material), and a well structured fit (cut to suit a woman’s shape, gliding over the right bits, and still giving you room to move around without clinging).

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 9

(What you can’t see is the group of tourists laughing whilst I struggled to maintain this pose)

The shoot itself was marvellous fun. My lovely friend Laura, who is an aspiring photographer, traipsed around on a pretty grotty afternoon with me and managed to take some gorgeously colourful shots despite the clouds. We kept the feeling of fun, and I (hopefully) look like the normal girl I am, who enjoys being active, but who isn’t about to give up slices of baked cheesecake any time soon.

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 4

I wanted these photos to make you guys feel excited about joining up to the Project HB community and seeing that we normal girls can channel our inner fashionista and wear gorgeous sporty stuff rather than just an old t-shirt down the gym.

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 9

little bit chilly at this point and on with the PHB hoodie!

Feel empowered ladies- Healthy Is Awesome! Your body is quite a wonderful contraption, don’t scrutinise it too much, and show it a bit of love now and again by treating it to some fresh air, an exercise classes you’ve never tried before, and a dose of good nourishment.

*See more of the Gymluxe photoshoot on Facebook*

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 8

Gymluxe Project HB photoshoot 10

Thanks lovely peeps at Gymluxe!

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