Wunder Unders

I admit it. I am slightly obsessed with workout gear. Obsessed as in, I get invited for a night out, open up my wardrobe and wonder what the hell I am going to wear that isn’t leggings, sports bra, vest and colourful trainers.

The other day I was approached by the gorgeous peeps at lululemon who are currently preparing for the grand opening of their Covent Garden store (HURRAH that this gear has finally made its way across the ocean for all to see and stroke and generally lust after). My task, if I chose to accept it, was to take part in the Wunder Under challenge. Upon agreeing, a pair of their fabulous Wunder Under leggings turned up at my day job office with a courier.

People, THIS is how it feels to have arrived.

So, what exactly is this Wunder Under challenge I speak of? Well, having received a pair of luscious Wunder Unders, I now pledged to capture photographic evidence of me wearing them on several different occasions- sporty, social and wild card.

Or, (as has been officially decided in my hilarious brain) photographic evidence of me wearing Sp-Unders, FUN-Ders, and Glowing Wunders. I know. Hold onto your pants people, this is going to blow your tiny minds.



Sporty Project HB, taking a short and ladylike rest after an intense little weights sesh.

Sp-Unders (Sporty Wunder Unders)




Project HB wearing Wunder Unders to a social occasion. Which, quite frankly, wasn’t hard, because I now only wear sports leggings to social occasions. True fact.

Social Wunder Unders


Glowing Wunders

Wild-card Project HB, festooned with glowing things in an accurate representation of how my housemate and I spend our Sunday mornings- twatting about.

Glowing Unders (Wild card Wunder Unders)

So there you have it- Wunder Under challenge complete!!! Thanks for the opportunity to take part, lululemon, and welcome to your new home in Covent Garden :)

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  1. Super amusing ! Loved it :-)!-! And they will for sure :-))

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    • It was a pretty fun challenge! And I haven’t actually taken them off for about a week :)

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