I was absolutely delighted to find out that Project HB had won the category of “Best Fitness Blog” at the MyProtein Fitness Blogger Awards! Who’d have thunk it?!

Thank you for your nomination and for, well… for a shit load of stuff you’ve all helped me realise without even knowing you’ve been responsible for it.

HBs- I’ve spent the first 29 years of my life being anxious and battling with feeling like life is just “happening” to me.

The Project HB journey has changed my entire life. It’s brought me better friendships, a happy relationship built on trust, a joyful work environment, a good, healthy relationship with my body….. And all because I’ve changed my mindset and approach to life; by embracing it and seeing the positive. By realising that my happiness and health go hand in hand, and that I should put them at the top of my list of responsibilities; because it they’re not in tip-top shape, I’m not being the best version of myself for anyone in my life.

Mostly, though, during this journey it’s just been nice to get to know (and actually quite like) the real me.

If I can inspire this realisation in just one other woman- well then my work here is done.

I didn’t know what I was setting out to create when I started this blog and I’ve still got no final destination for it but that’s what makes me love this community every single day.

I’m constantly surprised and humbled that people read my rambling and my heart sings when a stranger gets in touch and says “yes! I feel the same! Thank you or the inspiration” I’m like “say whaaaaat?”

So I’ll say it one more time- thank you again for the nominations and the daily love. What felt like a tiny one-woman march is slowly, steadily, confidently gathering pace. Side by side, day by day, we sweat; we laugh; we live.

You and I both know by now I hope- being Hot Bitches means so much more than just being Hot!


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