A little appreciation

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  • A review
  • A story about some form of exercise

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  • Very short
  • Written at 1.30am

I went to a workshop a couple of weeks ago, run by Gillian, author of First Time Leader. We were a group of women sitting, talking about making life goals and generally sharing our stories with one another.

It was a really inspiring and enlightening afternoon. People were so humble about their impressive achievements. We were there, supporting, encouraging and celebrating each other- pointing out the awesome things everyone in that room had achieved, and talking about the adventures we were looking forward to creating for ourselves next.

One amazing woman, who will soon run the length of Poland (as you do) said that she keeps a photo of herself as she looked several years ago, as motivation to keep up with the ultra running that is now part of her life. This photo showed her in a body she can no longer identify with- a body that was much larger than she was now. She said she was embarrassed of it. Too embarrassed to show anyone. This image of her former self motivated her, through disgust, at who she used to be.

As humans, we need motivation, and sometimes that motivation is a memory of a point we were once at in our lives, that we don’t want to revisit. But this lady’s photo; it made me intensely sad that she was embarrassed of it. She should be SO proud of it!!

Proud of reaching her own personal goal- which was to achieve her current level of fitness- one that she was happy with. And most importantly- one that she was happy with, for herself. She should show that old photo of herself- that photo which motivates her daily- to anyone who would look at it. She should be proud of her journey from the woman in that photo to the woman she felt comfortable being. And I absolutely don’t just mean with the “yay, you got thin!” superficial attitude, either. (That sort of ridiculous attitude is BANNED from this website, just in case you didn’t know.)

The more I embark upon this journey of fitness and health, the more something strange happens. I get happier. More confident. I feel more grounded. I feel more like “me”. Not that I have any idea what a fully formed “me” is, but I feel like I am getting comfortable with me in the form I’m currently in. And when I look back at where I came from to be here, then I really do appreciate the journey in its entirety.

This post is to say just that, really- appreciate your journey. Stop and look at where you are, right now- drink it in! You got here, from that place where you were. Maybe you’re striving for something, maybe you’re at peace, maybe you just don’t give your current situation that much thought. But whatever you do, please take a moment to sit in stillness and absorb the enormity of the entire adventure that is your life so far. It made you the “me” you currently identify with, and no one can change that or take that away from you.

Every day you’re still on your journey- it doesn’t end until the end.  Celebrate as you continue to travel through it, and appreciate every day!

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