If you’re anything like me, you’re reading this right now either wearing leggings or else you’re dreaming about the next moment you can get out of what you’re wearing and slip into something a little more… sexy.

And by that I obviously mean leggings.

If you thought I meant anything other than leggings just then, I’m gonna break it to you gently: we can’t be friends anymore.

Personally I feel my most confident and definitely my most badass in sportswear. When I got married a few months ago, there was no question that sportswear would be involved, and I decided only trainers were up to the job of carrying me down the aisle (they were sparkly, I conceded a little).

My wardrobe situation – don’t get me started! I have three cupboards. In two of those cupboards hang every piece of “normal” clothing I own. The garments in there are in what’s best described as a crumpled, well-loved state. There’s threadbare stuff in there I’ve managed to make last for… ooooh let’s see… 15 years?

If I have to dress like a normal person, it literally pains me to put a socially acceptable outfit together from the items lurking in these cupboards.

And then, my friends, there’s the third and final cupboard. My sportswear cupboard. It’s grouped by item, and sub-divided by colour. I may or may not have a drawer specifically for headbands. If the house ever gets engulfed in flames, it’s the lycra I’m grabbing by the armful, trust me.

And now, as I bounce into my amazing new place of work – a gym – the sportswear obsession has become a uniform so spending all of my time obsessing over lycra has finally become a legitimate pastime!

So yeah, I uses you could say sportswear is my thing.

Getting invited to try out pieces by different sportswear brands is like dangling cake in front of my face and asking me if I’d like to eat the whole cake when I’ve finished this slice. This exact scenario happened recently with sportswear brand TLC Sport (they dangled sportswear, not cake, just to be clear), and I had to think about it for maybe one millionth of a second before excitedly accepting to receive leggings and a sports bra from them to test during some workouts.

When they arrived in the post, they initially looked pretty small! I was a bit worried. At first glance, it looked like I was going to struggle to get one knee in, let alone my very maximum gluteus-maximus.

I needn’t have fretted. The medium sized leggings and small top fitted on my size-12-with-a-generous-bottom frame snugly (not tightly) and instantly made me look like the most curvaceous creature to sass her way onto the gym floor.

This particular pair have a mesh layer inside the legging band, and they’re double thickness around the bum, thighs and legs, making them hold you in like a pair of breathable, silky spanx.

I chose a pair with hot pink panels down the side which I also think helped to make my legs look longer and slimmer. They were finished off with a dinky little mesh window at mid-thigh height, to add a little pop of luxe to the overall design. Super luxe, super comfy, and my booty looked great, even if I do say so myself!

I wore them for the next four days after receiving them, (like, I literally considered sleeping in them) and at one point, Bae caught me absent-mindedly stroking my own leg as I watched Bake Off.

There I was, watching tv, unconsciously touching myself up. This leads me to the only feasible conclusion: these TLC leggings made me fancy myself.

And onto the bra – I chose a bright blue with a high-ish neck at the front, which can cleverly be work back to front too. My favourite parts of this mesh panel that covers the top part of my cleavage, and the mesh lining inside which meant the bra gave me a super smooth silhouette but still held me in tight enough for the treadmill.

I originally planned to try the outfit at a few classes and report back on its functionality.

What actually happened was I put it on and wore it to work, did a weight training work out in it where I didn’t sweat too much, so decided it was socially acceptable to wear it to work the next day…and then managed to wear it for a third day over the weekend before finally doing a big sweaty cardio workout in it.

Yes. Three days straight. I was practically sleeping in the stuff!

I think it’s safe to say TLC Sport gets a thumbs up (and sexual stroke of my own silken leg) from me! Thanks for the chance to try your brand out, TLC Sport :)


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