Lucyoga, 80s Hip Hop Yoga (Peckham Liberal Club)

THE BASICS: Lucyoga teaches Dru yoga classes in unusual and unique spaces around London. Class prices are very reasonable but vary depending on the class. Loyalty membership purchases are available.


THE CLASS: There is nothing quite like that sinking feeling you get when you left the house on time (for once) but, upon checking your phone, you realise that actually, yep- google maps is a blatant liar and yep- you do have 5 minutes to make a 30 minute journey to your destination.

Welcome to my Saturday morning jaunt to Peckahm Liberal Art’s Club, to check out Lucyoga’s 80s inspired Hip Hop Yoga class. I curse the Map Deity for not blessing me with an iota of map reading luck, I really do. I put myself on the right track, took the opportunity to tweet Lucy (and the world) venting my displeasure at google maps, and power walked from Camberwell to Peckham, muttering angrily under my breath.

Luckily I was only about 10 minutes late to the class (where I fail at map reading, I succeed in power-walking), and slipped into the back without causing too much disruption. I joined during the warm-up phase of the Dru sesison, and was swept straight into the powerful, fast movements and figure of 8s, swirling my arms around my body and keeping the warmth between my hands, all to the strains of some old skool hip hop.

Our wonderful teacher Lucy taught the class, dressed in some cute and cheerful 80s style attire- I loved the fact that she’d thought of this little unique touch to accentuate the theme of the class . As the warm up ended and the sequences began, the music became more peaceful and we slowed down with our movements. Lucy took the time to show us certain sequences before we attempted them, which I was grateful for.

The stretches and poses we worked through during the class were preparing us for the “crescendo” of the class- a final, flowing vitality sequence (chosen to help us with feel grounded and for it’s seasonal benefits- far more fitting than a sun salutation as winter solstice approaches!) As we moved through these stretches, Lucy gave us alternatives for each movement so we could match them to our capabilities, or in case we were struggling with an injury or balance. I remembered why I had enjoyed Dru so much the first time round- I really feel like it’s a form of yoga that’s inclusive and non-judgemental.

We worked up towards the vitality sequence with quiet strength, completing the earth sequence itself with gracefully (well, it felt graceful anyway. I may have been accused of flumping to the casual observer). Lucy engaged and interacted with us in a light-hearted, down-to-earth manner throughout. It was especially nice to have the chance to appreciate the Peckham Liberal Club as we worked through this sequence, and the story of it being saved from redevelopment made it a really special place to practice.

As we entered the final, meditative stage of the class, we were invited to lie in savasana and snuggle up under wool blankets- the lights went low and around 16 little yogis wriggled down under blankets, lying on our mats like sleepy, wintery field-mice. Lucy talked us softly through a full relaxation and mind meditation, and I enjoyed this mini-hibernation after a lovely stretch first thing on a Saturday morning. The autumn leaves and hustle and bustle of Peckham after this class had a renewed and welcome vibrancy!

THE VERDICT: Dru yoga is accessible and gentle, but curiously strong at the same time.  It’s definitely something I would recommend for those at the start of their yoga journey, (or for those looking for a style that you don’t need to be a highly-strung contortionist to manage). I think more than the Dru though, the reason I like these classes is due to Lucy herself. She works hard to add little touches to make classes unique- like the venue or the music and theming; and her teaching style is personal, friendly and humble.

Lucy’s teaching style is so likeable that I am certain her classes will grow even more in popularity as a direct result of this, as much as for the yoga she teaches. I really enjoyed this class!

THE EXTRAS: After much internet dalliance, I was delighted to finally meet Hanna who approached Project HB  several months ago to write a guest blog post, but decided that she was actually motivated enough to start a blog herself! Love that attitude- have a little peek!  Ooh, and shameless plug time- Lucy will be speaking and teaching at the Real Girls Sweat Fitness Workshop on 11th January. I shall see you there!

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