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Hosting the Sunset Sessions- What A Summer!

I was on my way out of a long illness fug. My lovely friend and Dru yoga teacher, Lucy, was facing a reluctant moving house scenario. A 100 day illness and moving house in a rush. We were not a jolly pair. We sat at the top of Frank’s cafe in Peckham, drinking our too-sugary drinks, looking at a grey London skyline, and talking about all … Read More Hosting the Sunset Sessions- What A Summer!

Lucyoga, 80s Hip Hop Yoga (Peckham Liberal Club)

THE BASICS: Lucyoga teaches Dru yoga classes in unusual and unique spaces around London. Class prices are very reasonable but vary depending on the class. Loyalty membership purchases are available. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: There is nothing quite like that sinking feeling you get when you left the house on time (for once) but, upon checking your phone, you realise that actually, yep- google … Read More Lucyoga, 80s Hip Hop Yoga (Peckham Liberal Club)

Lucyoga, Dru Yoga Class

THE BASICS: A new kind of yoga for me! Dru Yoga seems to be all about restoration and inclusiveness. Movements are slow, deliberate and therapeutic, and focus is very much on establishing a mind-body connection to enhance overall feelings of relaxation. You are encouraged to reach the stage you are able to, working with and accepting your abilities, rather than fighting your natural capabilities, trying … Read More Lucyoga, Dru Yoga Class

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