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Hosting the Sunset Sessions- What A Summer!

I was on my way out of a long illness fug. My lovely friend and Dru yoga teacher, Lucy, was facing a reluctant moving house scenario. A 100 day illness and moving house in a rush. We were not a jolly pair. We sat at the top of Frank’s cafe in Peckham, drinking our too-sugary drinks, looking at a grey London skyline, and talking about all … Read More Hosting the Sunset Sessions- What A Summer!

Hot Power Yoga

THE BASICS: Hot Power Yoga offers hot (warm rather than piping hot) yoga in a happy, approachable, airy ground floor studio, flooded with light. The community classes are those run to allow almost-newly-qualified yoga instructors who have been training at the studio, to run 30 mins classes in front of Real Live Students! Each class is 90 mins, and 3 teachers take a 30 … Read More Hot Power Yoga

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