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BLOG: 2018 in Review

2018. I present to you a year when you could legit see someone who was born at the millennium, in the pub. How was it for you? A blur? A slog? And how’s 2019 looking? I try not to advocate “new year new me” resolution-y bullshit when it comes to writing about wellness, because I think the whole idea of resolutions is wrapped up … Read More BLOG: 2018 in Review


BLOG: Same Shit, Different Year

New year brings the same old shit. Hangover, credit card bill, a few extra kilograms. A mental list of resolutions that you kinda already know you’re not going to stick to, but you’ll play along for a couple of weeks before going back to the “I’ll start next week” mentality. Before you blink, it’s Christmas again, and you never did get round to that … Read More BLOG: Same Shit, Different Year

This year I resolve to accept the size of my bottom

After all of the blog activity around peoples’ new years resolutions today, I’ve decided I should get a few of my own pledged out into the blogverse. I KNOW you have all been sitting at your computers, pressing refresh and just waiting for my two cents worth on the whole concept of new year’s resolutions. I’d hate to disappoint. And so- in 2014, my new … Read More This year I resolve to accept the size of my bottom