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REVIEW: Crossfit Hackney/ Momentum Training Session

THE BASICS: I decided to attempt The Cult of Crossfit twice in a week, albeit at two different establishments. As if I hadn’t had enough the first time round. Crossfit Hackney is close to Haggerston Station. Hidden down a quiet street, you will most likely walk right past it first time you visit, thinking you are walking by an old East London warehouse. Wrong- … Read More REVIEW: Crossfit Hackney/ Momentum Training Session

CrossFit Evolving, Beginners Class

THE BASICS: The Cult of Crossfit. This is an American concept that has exploded over in the UK- think circuits of weight lifting and other such torturous activities, pitched against your classmates, with the aim of measuring how much faster and stronger you get across each session. Crossfit Evolving is directly left out of Holloway Road Station and holds beginners classes on Wednesday nights- first trial … Read More CrossFit Evolving, Beginners Class

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