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BLOG: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Breakfast Flattie

Introducing FLATTIES! These fruity flatties are a simple alternative to breakfast breads, with a springy bite and a light crust. In their basic form, they contains only two ingredients- flour and yoghurt. They make an amazing breakfast base when you follow the fruity recipe version below. And by taking out the berries, they can easily be used as a plain muffin substitute- covered in … Read More BLOG: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Breakfast Flattie

Project HB’s…er…HB (Healthy Bircher)

I’m a bit naughty when it comes to food, preferring to eat haribo as a meal replacement if I’m having a tricky day at work. But I do find that my downfall tends to be when I start the day badly, and then I just think “ah well” give up, and the whole day descends into a sugary hell. If I start the day … Read More Project HB’s…er…HB (Healthy Bircher)

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