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Training with a Rollstuhlfahrer

A good friend of mine recently found out he had a place in the Berlin Marathon. Recently, as in, he found out when he only had 6 weeks left to to train for it. That’s 6 weeks to train for 26.2 miles. I had almost choked on my glass of wine when he casually dropped his confirmed marathon place into the conversation. A couple … Read More Training with a Rollstuhlfahrer


BLOG: The Day I Ran A Marathon in 6 hrs 31 mins

This post is for all the people who were told they were useless at sport when they were small. People are often surprised when they learn that I once ran a marathon. Well, ran is probably an exaggeration. Limped a marathon might be more accurate. Limped, walked, crawled, cried and tantrumed my way through 26.2 miles would probably be entirely accurate. I started this … Read More BLOG: The Day I Ran A Marathon in 6 hrs 31 mins

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