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BoxingYoga, Lululemon class

THE BASICS: BoxingYoga™. Yoga. For boxers. The peaceful nature of yoga and the fact that boxing is a way of fighting didn’t make sense to me at first. However, I know and trust these guys, and having recently spent some more time with instructor and co-founder of BoxingYoga™- Kajza Ekberg- the more I heard and the more I wanted to try it. A practice … Read More BoxingYoga, Lululemon class

PT Session, Strong Heart Training

THE BASICS: A 1:1 introductory PT session with Tony from Strong Heart Training who I had previously met during my Total Boxer class. THE BITCHES: Carly THE CLASS: I was excited to be heading back to the Total Boxer gym, and all the more excited that I would be attending my very first 1:1 personal training session. This is the big time, people!! No … Read More PT Session, Strong Heart Training

Total Boxer, Fitness and Skills Class

THE BASICS: A proper Rocky Balboa workout at a friendly, welcoming boxing gym that means business on Tottenham lane, right opposite Hornsey station. There were as many girls as guys in the class so definitely a good find for feisty aspiring Hot Bitches… Get FIT not HIT!! THE BITCHES: Carly (where the hell is everyone else lately?) THE CLASS: Boxing. Yeah, you heard me right. … Read More Total Boxer, Fitness and Skills Class

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